Robby Gordon; “We won Montreal”

As seen on August 14, 2007

By Joe Dunn /
I caught up with RobbyGordon today at Nashville SuperSpeedway where they were doing some COT testing. Robby was in a good mood as the testing was going smooth. Along side the 7 in the garage was the 38 of David Gilliland and Robby was sharing some ideas with David.
Robby was excited about the progress his team was making with the COT and the fact that they had already built up a stock of 9 cars, with plans to have 13 by the end of the season. Shifting the scheduled full time running of the car to 2008 is a real benefit to a small single car team like Robby Gordon Motorsports, allowing then to turn all attention to one car. Like other drivers Gordon sees the ups and downs to the new car, but agrees that it is the future of Nascar.
Fresh off a top 5 finish at Watkins Glen, the 7 teams is hopeful of a good race and finish at Michigan this week. Looking further ahead to Bristol , Robby said, “It’s survival of the fittest at Bristol, that’s all it is, we just need to finish. I would be ecstatic with a top 10 finish, or for that matter to finish on the lead lap.” Bristol is not one Gordon’s favorite tracks.
I asked Robby if he was putting Montreal behind him and he was quick to reply. “We won Montreal, I’ll tell you today, we still won Montreal.” Gordon feels that Nascar has a ‘glitch’ in their timing system, “I know I was the first car to complete 74 laps,…and that’s the name of the game.” He feels that Nascar will make adjustments to the timing and scoring system, but it will not happen right away.
On the suspension by Nascar, Robby does understand it and is not bitter. “They want everybody to know that Nascar is going to control the athletes or the competitors, and I’m cool with that………. That’s nothing new.”
On the subject of being a single car team, he acknowledged that he had looked at other teams and noted that RYR had merged with an open wheel organization. He wishes them well and has a great deal of respect for both Yates and Newman- Haas. Are there other possibilities out there? “I know there are other opportunities out there, so we’re trying to make the most out of it and have fun.” commented Robby, but no names were mentioned.