NASCAR selects for Citizen Journalist Media Corp

    In early 2009 NASCAR reached out to the internet racing community and invited sites to apply for inclusion in the NASCAR Citizen Journalist Media Corp.  After a lengthy review process 28 sites were selected for the Corp and NASCAR announced those site in July of 2009.
    On Pit Road did not apply for inclusion as it’s owner/publisher (Joe Dunn) was actively working as a photojournalist with  When SM was selected as a CJMC site, it provided additional access for it’s writers and photographers. was established in 2007 as an auto racing site covering NASCAR as well as several Dirt Track racing tracks in east Tennessee.  The site provided both stories and photos for various racing series. Through early 2009 content on the site was provided exclusively by myself.  In mid 2009, Roger Faulkner joined the site as an assignment writer for select NASCAR races, he continues to serve in that roll. Over the years, guest writers have contributed and in late 2010 Brody Jones of the Roan County News joined the staff.
    While preparing for the 2011 NASCAR season, OnPitRoad was contacted by Ramsey Poston, NASCAR Managing Director of Corporate Communications. “After a lengthy review process, NASCAR would like to invite to be part of the NASCAR Citizen Journalists Media Corps.” wrote Poston, “ We hope you are as excited as we are about your inclusion in this very special group. NASCAR appreciates your unique views and devotion to the sport, and in return would like to get your content out to even more fans by publicly showing our support.  We look forward to working with you, reading your Web site and seeing you at the track!”
    We would like to welcome our new followers and assure NASCAR that we will go the extra mile to uphold the standards that Race fans and NASCAR deserve.  While no major changes are planned for the site, we will be adding some new writers and photographers as we continue to grow.

Thank You,
To the Fans and NASCAR

Joe Dunn