Friday, September 17, 2021

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Lap by Lap: International Motorsports Hall of Fame 250 won by Brandon McReynolds

With a last lap move, Brandon McReynolds scores his first career ARCA victory.


Green Flag as Matt Lofton leads Frank Kimmel and Chris Buescher who are side-by-side.

Lap 2 Lofton leads Kimmel and Buescher single file.

Lap 3 Lofton leads Kimmel, Brendan Davis, Tom Hessert, Chad Hackenbracht, Ryan Reed, Buescher, Brandon McReynolds, Spencer Gallagher and Sean Corr

Lap 5 Will Kimmell pass Corr for 10th

Lap 8 Contact midpack but they keep going; Kimmel and Corr pass Gallagher

Caution Lap 11 Wreck involved Steve Blackburn, Milka Duno, Mike Harmon, Joey Coulter, George Cushman, Alex Bowman, Terry Jones, Mark Thompson, Drew Charlson, Donnie Neuenburger.  Steve Blackburn goes for the spin after contact from Brennan Poole, causing the big wreck.

Red flag put on lap 12 to clean up the wreck

Restart Lap 17 as Lofton leads Frank Kimmel, Davis, Hessert, Hackenbracht, Reed, Buescher, Mikey Kile, Josh Williams and Kevin Swindell

Lap 18 Kile passes Buescher for seventh

Lap 19 Hachkenbracht, Reed, Kile, Buescher, Williams, Swindell and Kimmel pass Hessert as he has a tire going down; Roger Carter has gotten into the outside wall. Caution comes out for debris……..Some of the leaders pit, taking tires and fuel; Brett Hudson gets the lucky dog.

Restart Lap 28 as Lofton keeps the lead single-file over Davis.

Lap 31 Lofton leads Davis, Hackenbracht, Buescher, McReynolds, Swindell, Blackburn, Reed, John Ferrier and Williams

44 to go Lofton leads Davis, Hackenbracht, Buescher, McReynolds, Blackburn, Reed, Swindell, Corr and Williams

Caution 43 to go for debris as Poole passes Williams for 10th; Mark Thompson gets the lucky dog……Leaders come down pit road; Buescher has a slow pit stop; Reed stalls the car

Restart 40 to go though the yellow comes out as Ryan Reed spins due to a flat tire……Hackenbracht leads Lofton, McReynolds, Corr, Davis, Blackburn, Frank Kimmel, Hessert, Will Kimmel and Kile; Thomas Praytor gets the lucky dog.

Restart Lap 33 to go

32 to go John Ferrier and Mikey Kile wreck. Kile and Larry Barford Jr. make contact, sending Kile for a spin. Meanwhile, Brett Hudson makes contact with Ferrier, sending him into the outside wall.

Restart 26 laps to go

24 laps to go Hackenbracht leads Lofton, McReynolds, Corr, Hessert, Blackburn, Will Kimmel, Frank Kimmel, Davis and Swindell

20 to go Caution as Mike Affarano flips over numerous times on the front stretch….Red flag as they work on getting him out…….Mike Affarano gets out of the car and walks to the ambulance……Ryan Reed gets the lucky dog…….

Restart 10 to go Hackenbracht leads Lofton, McReynolds, Corr, Hessert, Blackburn, Will Kimmel, Frank Kimmel, Davis and Swindell

Caution 8 to go Hudson’s hood flies off to create a debris caution

Restart 4 to go Matt Lofton and Brandon McReynolds pass Chad Hackenbracht on the backstretch for the lead

Last Lap Brandon McReynolds gets by Matt Lofton on the last lap with help from Hackenbracht to win.

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