Tuesday, September 28, 2021

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Fitzpatrick, Tiemersma, Watson, Passer and Kennedy win Autumn Colour OSCAAR Heats

While most teams come to Autumn Colors to play, it’s a different story for OSCAAR as this event marks their final points event of the season.

Brandon Watson has been strong this year and by simply starting the event, he clinches his second straight OSCAAR Super Late Model Championship. Watson is also guaranteed pole for the 50 lap feature due to winning the Chase for the Colors event in August.

While Watson and 2013 Rookie of the Year Andrew Gresel locked themselves into the front row virtue of the Chase for the Colors, everybody else would have to focus on their heats to determine their starting spot.

J.R. Fitzpatrick won the first heat ahead of George Wilson, Shane Gowan, Gary Passer, Cory Jones, Ed Bowlby and Craig Stevenson.

Derrike Tiemersma won the second heat ahead of Glenn Watson, Gresel, Dwayne Baker, John Owen, Jesse Kennedy and Todd Campbell.

Brandon Watson won the third heat ahead of Brent McLean, Brad Corcoran, Shawn McGlynn, Jeff Dunford, Jim Bowman and Quinn Misener. Misener suffered a wreck at the end of the practice session so he was off throughout the weekend.

Passer won the fourth heat ahead of Gowan, Fitzpatrick, Bowlby, Wilson, Jones, Hawn and Tom Walters (driving for Stevenson).

Kennedy won the fifth heat ahead of Gresel, Campbell, Baker, Tiemersma, Glenn Watson and Owen.

Brandon Watson went for the daily double ahead of Dunford, Corcoran, McLean, McGlynn, Bowman and Misener.

With qualifying in the books, the line-up for the 50 lap feature would be set. Originally scheduled for Sunday, it would run Monday due to rain.

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