James Townsend wins Autumn Colours Classic Four Fun Feature

Photo Credit: Ashley McCubbin/OnPitRoad.com

James Townsend started pole in the Four Fun feature as part of Autumn Colours Classic weekend and never looked back as he led all 40 laps to claim the victory.

The action started right away with the Four Funs as the 3 would spin the 24 on lap one for the first caution. Then on lap seven, Matthew Vanderbelt and the 63 got together in turn one for the second caution.

With 33 laps to go, James Townsend led Ryan Oosterholt, Jeff Scott, Malcolm MacDonald, Kenny Ohno Sr., Andrew Massey, Jeff Forsey Jr., Ray Schroer, Joe Craven, Griffin Powell, Willow Barberstock, Brittney Lundy, Nathan Mitchell, Tiffany Vanderbelt, Kenny Ohon Jr., 17, 3, 49x, Scott Simpson, Mark Lavelle, 24, 12, 63 and Vanderbelt.

By lap 14, the top five remained the same with Forsey Jr. slipping by Massey to take over sixth while Powell now ran eighth. Oosterholt would drop back to fourth as both Scott and MacDonald slipped by. With mechanical problem, the 2013 Four Fun Champion headed down pit road to the attention of his pit crew on lap 17.

At halfway, Townsend continued to lead ahead of Scott and MacDonald while Powell was up to fourth ahead of Forsey Jr. and Barberstock. The caution flew three laps later for Ohno Sr. and the 63 going through the dirt with Barberstock then spinning. With 17 laps to go, Townsend led Scott, MacDonald, Powell, Forsey Jr., Schroer, Mitchell, Ohno Sr., Massey, the 49x, the 3, Lundy, Craven, the 63 and Barberstock. The 17 ran the first car one lap down followed by Matthew VanDerBelt, Tiffany Vandebelt, Ohno Jr., Simpson, the 12 and the 24.

The fourth caution then flew at lap 28 when Lavalle spun, followed by what could only be described a ‘wtf’ moment in the grass with Simpson, Powell, Massey and Schroer getting together. With 12 laps to go, Townsend led Scott, MacDonald, Ohno Sr., Powell, Massey, 3, Schroer, Forsey Jr., Barberstock, Mitchell, 63, Lundy and the 49x. VanDerBelt ran as the first car a lap down followed by the 17.

The restart saw the fifth caution fly when Thompson slowed, causing Powell to spin, collecting Ohno Jr., Craven and Lundy.

The restart came with 12 laps to go and James Townsend held on to take the win after leading flag-to-flag. Scott finished second followed by Ohno Sr., Massey, MacDonald, Schroer, the 3, Barberstock, the 49x and Forsey Jr.



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