Tuesday, September 21, 2021

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Lap by Lap: WinStar World Casino 300 won by Ty Dillon

Ty Dillon wanted to win to get the cowboy hat and he would do just that as he would dominate the WinStar World Casino 300 at Texas Motor Speedway.


Lap 1 – three-wide into turn one with Dillon, Lofton and Burton. Dillon grabs the lead ahead of the field

Lap 2 – Dillon leads Gresham

Lap 3 – Dillon leads Gresham Burton Busch Gaughan

Lap 4 – Dillon leads Gresham Burton Busch Gaughan Lofton Peters Buescher Paludo Sauter. The 57 will be posted due to changing lines before the start of the race. Lofton gets by Gaughan for fifth.

Lap 6 – Buescher gets by Peters for seventh; Paludo by Peters also for eighth

Lap 7 – Sauter, Keselowski, Hornaday, Blaney, Crafton and Wallace also slip by Peters for position

Lap 11 – Busch moves past Gresham and Burton to move into second

Lap 12 – Dillon leads Busch, Gresham, Burton, Lofton, Gaughan, Buescher, Keselowski, Paludo, Sauter

Lap 20 – Dillon leads Busch, Burton, Lofton, Keselowski, Gaughan, Gresham, Sauter, Blaney, Buescher

Caution lap 24 Keselowski spins after getting loose while underneath Lofton. Everybody make pit stops – Busch slides through stall and needs to be pushed back. Dillon leads KyBusch, Gaughan, Lofton, Burton off pit road.

Restart lap 29. Busch and Dillon side-by-side for the lead.

Lap 31 Dillon clears Busch off of turn two to take the lead

Lap 32 Dillon leads Busch, Lofton, Blaney, Gaughan, Sauter, Wallace, Buescher, Burton and Paludo

Lap 34 Buescher by Sauter and Wallace

Lap 40 Dillon leads Blaney, Busch, Lofton, Buescher, Gaughan, Sauter, Wallace, Burton and Paludo

Lap 41 Sauter by Gaughan for position

Lap 49 Dillon leads Blaney Lofton Buescher Sauter Gaughan Paludo Wallace Quiroga and Burton. Busch pitted due to overheating problems.

Caution lap 59 Bryan Silas spins on the backstretch as everybody avoids him. Silas spun due to contact from Quiroga as Quiroga was trying to clean his grill. Scott Riggs gets the lucky dog. Everybody heads down pit road. Lofton leads Dillon off pit road.

Restart lap 64 Buscher and Dillon side-by-side for the lead

Lap 66 Dillon takes the lead

Lap 68 Dillon leads Buescher, Sauter, Lofton, Blaney, Wallace, Gaughan, Quiroga, Sieg and Burton

Lap 77 Hornaday passes Burton for 10th

61 to go Dillon leads Buescher Sauter Blaney Lofton Gaughan Wallace Hornaday Quiroga and Burton

57 to go Sauter by Buescher for second

54 to go Blaney by Buescher for third

52 to go Lofton by Buescher for fourth

Caution as Busch blows up. Dillon leads Sauter Blaney Lofton Buescher Gaughan off pit road

Restart 41 to go as Sauter and Dillon side-by-side for the lead. Blaney makes it three-wide. Blaney takes the lead into turn three.

38 to go Blaney leads as Dillon and Buescher run side-by-side for second

34 to go Blaney leads Dillon Buescher Sauter Hornaday Gaughan Lofton Burton Wallace Paludo

29 to go Dillon to the lead

27 to go Sauter and Hornaday to 2-3 with Blaney back to 4th

13 to go Dillon leads Sauter Hornaday Gaughan Lofton Buescher Wallace Blaney Paludo Townley

8 to go Paludo, Townley and Burton by Blaney while Wallace passes Buescher

7 to go Burton slows down on the backstretch as he runs out of gas

3 to go Dillon leads Sauter Hornaday Gaughan Lofton Buescher Wallace Paludo Townley Sieg

Ty Dillon wins! Sauter Hornaday Gaughan Lofton Buescher Wallace Paludo Townley Crafton Sieg Coulter Newberry Quiroga Blaney

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