Friday, September 17, 2021

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Lap by Lap: O’Reilly Auto Parts Challenge won by Brad Keselowski

Brad Keselowski would take the lead with 15 laps to go and never looked back as he held off Denny Hamlin to grab the win at Texas Motor Speedway.


Lap 1 – Alex Bowman leads

Lap 4 – Bowman leads Hornish Keselowski Busch ADillon Stenhouse Scott Smith Bayne TDillon

Lap 5 – Hornish takes the lead with Keselowski up to second

Lap 6 – Keselowski takes the lead ahead of Hornish

Lap 7 – Keselowski leads Hornish Busch Dillon Bowman Stenhouse Scott Smith Bayne Dillon

Lap 16 – Stenhouse by Bowman; Kenseth up to ninth with Bayne 10th and TDillon 11th

Lap 18 – Scott by Bowman

Lap 19 – Kenseth by both Bayne and Smith; Keselowski leads Hornish Busch Dillon Stenhouse Scott Kenseth Smith Bowman and Bayne

Lap 32 – Keselowski leads Hornish Busch Dillon Kenseth Stenhouse Scott Smith Bayne and Hamlin. Scott passes Stenhouse.

Lap 35 – Smith by Stenhouse

Lap 37 – Bayne by Stenhouse; Hamlin by Stenhouse. Thins get tight around the lap car of Jeff Green with Hamlin and Bayne but Hamlin gives Bayne room

Lap 39 – Larson by Stenhouse

Lap 46 – Keselowski leads Busch Hornish Dillon Kenseth Scott Smith Bayne Hamlin Larson

Lap 50 – Clements, Sweet, Bell and Allgaier head down pit road to kick off green flag pit stops.

Lap 51 – Bowman and Ty Dillon pit.

Lap 52 – Kenseth and Busch pit. Keselowski and Hornish also pit. Dillon to the lead. Hornish hit the commitment cone coming in for his stop – will have to come in for a penalty.

Lap 54 – Dillon finishes off pit stops. Keselowski goes back to the points lead.

Lap 64 – Keselowski leads Busch Kenseth ADillon Smith Scott Hamlin Bayne TDillon Larson

Caution lap 71 debris in turn two. Leaders head down pit road. Keselowski leads the field off ahead of Busch

Restart lap 76 Keselowski and Busch side-by-side for the lead. Keselowski with the advantage off of turn four ahead of Busch

Lap 77 – Keselowski leads ahead of Busch and Hamlin

Lap 78 – Hamlin by Busch for second. Keselowski leads Hamlin Busch Scot Larson Kenseth TDillon Sadler Bayne Smith.

Lap 80 – Hamlin and Keselowski side-by-side for the lead

Lap 81 – Hamlin to the lead while Kenseth-Scott-Keselowski three-wide for second. Kenseth to second ahead of Scott and Keselowski

Lap 83 – Hamlin leads Kenseth Scott Larson TDillon Keselwoski Sadler Busch Kligerman and Smith. Sadler by Keselowski for positon.

Lap 85 – Kenseth and Hamlin side-by-side for the lead. Hamlin holds Kenseth off for time being

Lap 88 – Hornish by Smith for 10th

Lap 95 – Hamlin leads Kenseth Scott Larson TDillon Sadler Kligerman Keselowski Busch Hornish

Lap 96 – Kenseth passes Hamlin for the lead

Lap 103 – Allgaier pits

Caution lap 105 Kyle Busch gets into the wall as the right rear tire blows out. Leaders head down pit road. Hamlin leads Kenseth Scott Larson TDillon Sadler Keselowski Kligerman off pit road.

Restart lap 117 as Hamlin pulls ahead of the whole field

Lap 118 – Hamlin leads as Scott and Kenseth run side-by-side for second

Lap 119 – Hamlin leads Kenseth Scott Larson TDillon Sadler Keselowski Hornish Smith Kligerman

Lap 122 – Keselowski passes TDillon and Sadler. Smith by Hornish for eighth.

Lap 124 – Keselowski passes Larson; Dillon passes Kligerman for 10th

Lap 126 – Hamlin leads Kenseth Scott Keselowski Larson Sadler TDillon Hornish ADillon Kligerman

Lap 128- Keselowski by Scott for third

Lap 131 – Hamlin and Kenseth side-by-side for the lead and Kenseth with the lead off of turn two. Sadler by Larson for fifth.

Lap 157 – Keselowski to the lead

Lap 160 – Keselowski leads Kenseth Hamlin Hornish Scott Sadler Dillon Larson Smith Kligerman

Lap 162 – Bowman and Bayne pit

Lap 163 – Allgaier and Stenhouse pit. Smith by Larson for eighth.

Lap 165 – Ty Dillon pits

Lap 166 – Larson pits as Dillon passes Sadler. Dillon then passes Scott for fifth.

Lap 167 – Kligerman pits

Lap 169 – Sadler pits

Lap 170 – Kenseth, Hamlin, Keselowski, Dillon, Hornish and Smith pit. Hamlin cycles through to the lead.

Caution lap 171 Nemechek spins on the backstretch.

Restart lap 177 Hamlin and Keselowski side-by-side. Hamlin grabs the lead.

Caution lap 178 Pastrana spun and into the wall after racing side-by-side with Green

Restart lap 183 Hamlin grabs the lead off of turn two while Keselowski and Kenseth side-by-side for second. Keselowski grabs second and gets to the outside of Hamlin

17 to go Hamlin pulls ahead of Keselowski through turns three and four. Hornish runs third.

15 to go Keselowski passes Hamlin for the lead as Hornish runs third

13 to go Keselowski leads Hamlin Hornish Kenseth Dillon Scott Smith Sadler Kligerman Larson

12 to go Larson grabs ninth from Kligerman

10 to go Smith passes Scott

3 to go Sweet Bayne and TDillon pass Kligerman for position

Brad Keselowski wins! Hamlin. Hornish. Kenseth. Dillon. Smith. Sadler. Scott. Larson. Sweet.

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