Saturday, September 25, 2021

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Lap by Lap: ServiceMaster 200 won by Kyle Busch

Kyle Busch would dominate the ServiceMaster 200 at Phoenix International Raceway for his 12th NASCAR Nationwide Series win of the year.


Lap 1 Kyle Busch drives away from the field as Harvick grabs second from Dillon

Caution lap 2 Eric McClure gets into the wall.

Restart lap 6 Busch leads while Harvick and Dillon battle for econd. Dillon takes second in turn three.

Lap 8 Harvick back by Dillon for second in turn one; Kenseth underneath Dillon for third

Lap 9 Busch leads Harvick Dillon Kenseth Scott Hornish Keselowski Smith Kligerman Blaney. Kenseth by Dillon for third

Lap 13 Keselowski by Honish for sixth. Blaney by Kligerman for ninth.

Lap 24 Busch leads Harvick, Kenseth, Dillon, Keselowski, Scott, Smith, Hornish, Blaney, Larson

Lap 29 Keselowski by Dillon for fourth

Lap 40 Busch leads Harvick Keselowski Kenseth Dillon Scott Smith Blaney Hornish Larson

Lap 53 Busch leads Harvick Keselowski Kenseth Dillon Scott Smith Blaney Larson Hornish

Lap 62 Keselowski passes Harvick for second

Lap 75 Larson pits to kick off green flag pit stops.

Lap 76 Harvick pits, giving up the third position

Lap 77 Kligerman pits

Lap 78 Smith and Scott pit

Lap 79 Dillon and Blaney pit. Busch gives up the lead to head down pit road. Hornish takes over the lead.

Lap 80 Keselowski pits

Lap 81 Hornish pits, handing the lead to Bayne

Lap 82 Bayne pits to complete the pit cycle as Busch goes back to the lead.

Lap 90 Busch leads Keselowski Harvick Kenseth Dillon Scott Blaney Smith Allgaier Larson

Lap 98 Allgaier passes Smith for eighth

Caution lap 105 debris. Leaders head down pit road. Busch leads Keselowski Harvick Dillon Scott Kenseth Blaney off pit road.

Restart lap 112 Busch and Keselowski side-by-side for lead

Lap 113 Keselowski grabs the lead on the restart

Lap 115 Keselowski leads Harvick Busch Kenseth Dillon Scott Allgaier Smith Larson Hornish

Lap 116 Blaney by Hornish for 10th

Lap 117 Busch by Harvick for second

Lap 118 Keselowski leads Busch Harvick Kenseth Dillon Allgaier Scott Smith Larson Blaney

Lap 120 Busch by Keselowski to retake the lead

Lap 123 Dillon passes Kenseth; Blaney and Bayne by Larson

Lap 131 Busch leads Keselowski Harvick Dillon Allgaier Scott Smith Blaney Kenseth Bayne as Sweet goes around to bring the caution out. Reed gets the lucky dog. Leaders head down pit road. Allgaier leads Smith Scott Busch Keselowski off pit road. Some drivers stayed out, including Hornish.

Restart lap 137 – caution as Swindell spins due to contact from Drew Herring as they were running three-wide. Allgaier grabbed lead before caution flew.

Restart lap 142 as Allgaier and Bayne are side-by-side for lead.  Caution as Scott gets into Keselowski and Keselowski into wall. Scott got loose underneath Keselowski. Piquet gets the lucky dog.

Restart lap 147 as Allgaier and Bayne are side-by-side once again. Allgaier clears Bayne off of two as Busch takes second heading into three

Caution lap 148 Swindell into the wall again. Keselowski gets the lucky dog.

Restart lap 153. Allgaier and Busch side-by-side for the lead

46 to go Busch to the lead ahead of Allgaier and Bayne. Dillon by Bayne for third…..or not as Bayne holds him off.

Caution 45 to go Larson into the wall

Restart 39 to go Busch pulls ahead of Allgaier off of turn two for the lead

38 to go Dillon goes under Allgaier and takes second. Bayne runs fourth followed by Smith and Hornish

36 to go Busch leads Dillon Allgaier Bayne Smith Hornish….Scott has a big slide but keeps it off other drivers and the wall. Smith and Hornish both by Bayne.

34 to go Busch leads Dillon Allgaier Smith Hornish Bayne Harvick Kenseth Bowman Blaney

22 to go Busch leads Dillon Allgaier Smith Hornish Kenseth Bayne Harvick Blaney Sadler

16 to go Sadler by Blaney

Busch wins. Allgaier. Dillon. Smith. Hornish. Kenseth. Bayne. Sadler. Harvick. Blaney.

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