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Lap by Lap: Ford EcoBoost 300 won by Brad Keselowski

Brad Keselowski would take the lead on a late race restart to win his seventh race of the season.

Meanwhile, Austin Dillon fought back from having an ill-handling car early to win the 2013 NASCAR Nationwide Series Championship, three points ahead of Sam Hornish Jr.

By Joey Logano finishing sixth, he would win the Owner’s Championship for Roger Penske and Penske Racing with the No. 22 Ford.


First 30 laps: Hornish Jr. led

Lap 31 Hornish Jr. leads Logano Larson Busch Kenseth Keselowski Koch Scott Sadler Allgaier while Dillon runs 13th. Hornish Jr. leads Dillon by nine points as they run.

Lap 33 Larson passes Logano for second

Lap 36 Larson slips behind Logano after getting into the wall

Lap 37 Larson slips back past Logano for second

Lap 38 Larson to the lead

Lap 44 Larson leads Logano Busch Hornish Kenseth Koch Keselowski Sadler Kligerman Allgaier. Sadler passes Keselowski for seventh

Lap 45 Busch passes Logano for second – owner’s points battle there. Hornish runs third, sitting three points ahead of Dillon points wise.

Caution lap 47 debris turn two. Leaders head down pit road. Busch leads Kenseth Larson Logano Hornish Jr. Koch Sadler Keselowski off pit road.

Restart lap 52 Busch and Kenseth side-by-side for the lead

Lap 53 Busch leads Kenseth Larson Hornish Logano off of turn two. Kenseth back underneath Busch off of turn four.

Lap 54 Kenseth takes the lead from Busch ahead of Larson and Hornish

Caution lap 56 Corey LaJoie goes for a spin. Leaders stay out but others pit, including Dillon.

Dillon runs 23rd; Hornish Jr. runs fourth. Hornish Jr. leads Dillon by 13 points.

Kyle Busch runs 2nd. Joey Logano runs 5th. Busch has led lap while Logano hasn’t. That means we’ve got tie for owner’s points

Restart lap 61 Kenseth and Busch side-by-side for the lead.

Lap 63 Busch to the lead ahead of Kenseth Hornish Keselowski Larson Sadler Kligerman Logano Herring Allgaier. Allgaier by Herring for ninth.

Lap 65 Keselowski slips by Kenseth and is looking for the lead on Busch

Caution lap 66 debris

Restart lap 70 Busch and Keselowski side-by-side for the lead

Lap 71 Keselowski leads Busch as Logano, Larson and Hornish got three-wide. Logano grabs third ahead of Larson.

Lap 72 Logano underneath Busch for second ahead of Hornish Larson Kenseth Sadler Allgaier Kligerman and Herring

Lap 73 Kligerman by Allgaier for eighth; Busch clears Logano for second ahead of Hornish

Lap 74 Keselowski leads Logano Busch Hornish Kenseth Larson Sadler Kligerman Allgaier Sweet. Sadler by Larson. Austin Dillon runs 17th, now sitting seven points behind Hornish in points

No. 22 leads No. 54 by four points in owner’s standings. Came in that way and Busch leading lap keeps even.

Lap 76 Herring and Smith by Sweet. Dillon up to 16th, six points behind Hornish.

Lap 83 Logano takes the lead from Keselowski. Logano leads now owner’s standings by six points now with leading the race and leading a lap.

Lap 87 Logano leads Keselowski Busch Hornish Kenseth Larson Sadler Kligerman Allgaier and Herring. Dillon currently runs 16th, six points behind Hornish in points.

Lap 90 Kenseth passes Hornish for fourth. Hornish’s points lead now shrunk to five points.

Lap 93 Logano leads Keselowski Busch Kenseth Hornish Larson

Caution lap 97 debris. Leaders head down pit road. Logano leads Busch Kenseth Larson Hornish Sadler Keselowski and Allgaier off pit road. Dillon runs 12th.

Restart lap 102 Logano and Busch side-by-side for the lead

Lap 103 Busch leads Logano and Larson

Lap 105 Busch leads Logano Larson Hornish Kenseth Keselowski Kligerman Sadler Allgaier and Bayne. Dillon runs 11th to therefore give Hornish a one point lead

Lap 107 Hornish reports a vibration

Lap 108 Keselowski by Kenseth for fifth; Dillon back to 13th to give Hornish a three point lead.

Lap 110 Logano challenges Busch for the lead. Busch holds him off down the backstretch

Lap 112 Logano challenges Busch again, Busch holds him off

Lap 113 Busch leads Logano Larson Keselowski Hornish Kenseth Allgaier Kligerman Bayne Scott Smith Dillon

Lap 114 Logano looks for the lead once again

Lap 115 Busch holds Logano behind him….Larson passes Logano for second

Lap 120 Hornish falls back to sixth after being passed by Kenseth. Dillon runs 12th. The pair are tied. Hornish shall get tie breaker with win

Caution lap 121 Sweet goes for a spin. Some leaders pit, others stay out including Keselowski and Kligerman. Bayne leads Busch Logano Larson Allgaier Sadler Hornish ADillon Smith TDillon off pit road.

Restart lap 126 Kligerman pulls ahead as Penske pair duo for second…….Logano pulls alongside Kligerman for lead, Larson goes to the outside of Logano for lead

Lap 127 Logano and Larson side-by-side for lead. Larson pulls ahead of Logano. Kligerman falls to fourth behind Hornish

Caution lap 128 Kevin Swindell goes for a spin and hits the inside wall.

Hornish 3rd. Dillon 11th. Hornish leads Dillon by 2 points as they run.

Logano has the No. 22 up in the 2nd spot behind Larson. Busch runs seventh. As long as Logano keeps up there with Busch behind him. Penske has the owner’s points.

Laps led: Hornish 37, KyBsuch 27, Keselowski 22, Lgoano 20, Larson 17, Kenseth 9.

Restart lap 133 Logano leads ahead of Larson as Keselowski, Hornish battle for third. Keselowski with the advantage down the front stretch ahead of Sadler and Hornish

Lap 137 Logano leads Larson Sadler Hornish Keselowski Allgaier Busch Smith Kenseth Kligerman. Allgaier and Busch by Keselowski

Lap 139 Smith by Keselowski

Lap 140 Logano leads Larson Sadler Hornish Allgaier Busch Smith Keselowski Kligerman Dillon. Hornish leads by one point.

Lap 144 Dillon gets into the wall. ESPN showed the replay. Dillon gets into the wall by himself and then contact from Koch. Heads-up driving by Koch and Dillon there.

Caution lap 148 Kligerman goes for a spin after tire goes flat. Leaders head down pit road. Logano leads Sadler Smith Reed Annett Larson Sweet Busch Hornish Allgaier Keselowski Herring Kenseth ADillon and Bayne off pit road. Ty Dillon and Pastrana stayed out

Restart 47 to go Ty Dillon grabs the lead as they scatter behind him. Sweet gets into the wall mid-pack. Sweet got loose and multiple bumps from Allgaier finishes it off. Caution.

“He just came up and doored me and then slipped in front of me and I couldn’t get slowed up – JA

“That’s what happens when you block.” – Spotter

Restart 41 to go Larson and Ty Dillon side-by-side for the lead

40 to go Larson to the lead as Busch grabs second from Ty Dillon. Hornish side-by-side with Ty for third. Hornish takes third.

38 to go Larson leads Ky Busch Hornish Keselowski Kenseth Allgaier Bayne Logano Smith Dillon

34 to go Larson side-by-side with Kyle Busch and Busch takes the lead off of turn two

33 to go Dillon by Smith for ninth. Driver’s points tied now between Hornish and Dillon. Hornish will win tie breaker with Vegas win

32 to go Larson takes the lead in turn two with slide job. Sam gets into the job a little.

27 to go Larson leads KyBusch Hornish Keselowski Kenseth Allgaier Bayne Logano Kligerman and Dillon. Hornish leads drivers points by one point.

Caution 22 to go Allgaier goes for a spin. He got into the turn four wall the lap before.  Those who have tires pit while others stay out. Larson leads Busch Hornish Kenseth Whitt Dillon Herring Green Clements Wallace Long and Silas. Keselowski first out with tires to restart 13th. Logano to restart 17th.

With Larson now leading 37 laps, Hornish loses the extra bonus point. Hornish has led 36 laps. Hornish run 3rd, Dillon 6th. Dillon leads by 4 over Hornish in points deal.

Busch restarts 2nd. Logano restarts 17th. Needless to say, the No. 54 Joe Gibbs Racing team has the advantage right now

Restart 18 to go Larson leads Busch off turn two. Dillon tried to make move underneath Hornish, Hornish down a little as Dillon slows. Wreck behind them as Jeremy Clements, Mike Wallace and Smith have a big wreck. Caution. Smith thought he’d cleared both Clements and Wallace and wasn’t quite clear.

15 to go. Larson KyBusch Hornish Kenseth ADillon Whitt Bayne Herring Kligerman Keselowsk. Right now, Dillon has a 5-pt lead on Hornish.

Restart 5 to go Larson pulls head through turn one

3 to go Keselowski looking for second round Kyle Busch…….looking for lead on Larson. Keselowski to the lead in turn three.

2 to go Keselowski leads Larson KyBusch Kenseth Logano Bayne Kligerman Hornish Whitt Piquet Dillon

Final lap

Brad Keselowski wins the race. Larson. KyBusch. Kenseth. Bayne. Logano. Kligerman. Hornish Jr. Whitt. Piquet Jr. Koch. Dillon. Dillon wins the championship by three points.

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