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Delaware Speedway to host High School Challenge again

As part of their announcements for the 2014 season, Delaware Speedway has announced that they will host the High School Challenge once again for the second straight year in a row.

Delaware Speedway brought forth the challenge last year to introduce young teens to the sport of motorsports and short track racing.

Each school that signs up will get access to a vehicle, safety equipment and be mentored by a veteran Delaware Speedway driver. The goal will be the prepare a car to race in Delaware’s lowest division – the Bone Stock Chaos cars. These vehicles are easy to prepare and affordable, making them a good class project for an auto shop class.

By signing up, each school will recieve access to a vehicle for tear down and preparation (if requested), a roll cage, a DVD that explains how to build a bone stock racecar, vehicle construction guide book, free admission for all the students and teachers who work on the project and get a photo opportunity during pre-race ceremonies.

Once the cars are built, they will be brought to the track and raced by a Delaware Speedway top driver in an event.

The current dates on the 2014 schedule for the challenge are Saturday May 31st and Saturday September 28th, therefore a challenge for each semester.

Last year, six schools participated in the June challenge, while four schools participated in the October challenge.  Thames Secondary School Team 1 with Jay Doerr driving won the first challenge, while Wheable with Norm Roy driving won the second challenge.

For more information on the 2014 challenge, check out for more information.

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