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Tracking the Short Tracks: Super Stock Competitor Coltin Everingham

Last year, Coltin Everingham had his rookie season of competition in the Super Stocks at Sunset Speedway. Th year marked a successful one as Everingham improved each week on his way to finishing in the top 10 in points.

Getting ready for race season in May, Everingham took on the 15 Tracking the Short Tracks questions.

Ashley McCubbin: How’d you get started in racing?

Coltin Everingham: It all started when I was a few months old! My dad, grandpa and papa all raced and I used to go to the track all the time and watched them! Never missed a night.

McCubbin: First racing memory

Everingham: With me racing would probably be the first time I ever went on to the track and started driving, and first ever memory would be going out on the track with my dad for fan appreciation night.

McCubbin: If you could be sponsored by any beverage company, what company and why?

Everingham: Probably Powerade because I drink it a lot and I think it would be a cool but different sponsorship

McCubbin: Nice. Powerade is good – keeps you refreshed. Fav powerade flavor?

Everingham: Mixed berry

McCubbin: Yum. Side note- I got to agree. I love Mixed Berry and Grape. What’s the story behind running the #48?

Everingham: Well of course Jimmie Johnson ! He’s been one of my mentors as i’ve been growing up and i just had to have the same number haha

McCubbin: That’s a solid reason. That’ll lead to your answer for a question down the road probably…but before that, do you have a nickname – racing related or not – and how’d you get it? If you don’t have a nickname, any idea on a nickname you’ve thought of?

Everingham: Well, all through elementary school everyone called me 2 tall ! That’s all they ever called me; I was so used to it when I came to highschool, I didn’t really respond to my actual name.

McCubbin: Well you are tall I can attest to that. If you could race against anybody in NASCAR, who and why? (I think I know the answer)

Everingham: Jimmie Johnson because he’s the guy I look up to and relate too. He’s my role model

McCubbin: What’s life like for you outside of racing? What are your hobbies?

Everingham: Well I now play rugby so that will add to my hobbies, but other than racing and rugby, it’ll have to be football.

McCubbin: Got a favourite football team, or you more so just the one that loves playing?

Everingham: Pittsburgh steelers

McCubbin: If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

Everingham: A lion. Who wouldn’t want to be a lion?

McCubbin: Pure domination right? ;) Favourite pizza topping?

Everingham: Hot peppers

McCubbin: Interesting. I personally am not one for hot foods but do like regular peppers. So, spicy or sweet food kind of guy then?

Everingham: Spicy

McCubbin: Dream vacation spot?

Everingham: Sunset International Speedway. Does that count ?

McCubbin: It can. I don’t mind spending my summers there. With that said, what makes it a good track in your view?

Everingham: The fans, the staff, the facility is just fantastic.

McCubbin: Awesome. Now beyond Sunset, what’s a dream vacation spot?

Everingham: Hmm Pensacola speedway

McCubbin: For the Snowball Derby I take it?

Everingham: Yeah

McCubbin: Can’t blame ya. Good racing and warm weather. If you were stuck on an island, what’s one thing you must have?

Everingham: My race car !

McCubbin: Race around the island waiting to be rescued – love the spirit. Favourite book?

Everingham: Blind side

McCubbin: Favourite movie?

Everingham: Days of thunder

McCubbin: I figured that’d be the popular answer for this piece……Favourite piece of technology?

Everingham: Racing simulators

McCubbin: And finally, #15 people and sponsors you want to thank.

Everingham: My dad and mom are on the top of the list by far! They have been there supporting my dream and helping out, than I’d like to thank Smurfs Towing, Eagle Eye Contracting, Pearly Consulting LBSB designs and Steel n Ink Collingwood


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