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Tracking the Short Tracks: Sunset Speedway Competitor Candiss Everingham

Last year, second-generation driver Candiss Everingham took her first ever laps behind the wheel and had a successful season, finishing in the top 15 in points. With experience under her belt, Everingham is set to tackle Sunset Speedway once again, looking for more success.

With a solid run, and a unfortunate first night under her belt, Everingham tackled the 14 questions that everybody seems to know now.


1. How’d you get started in racing?

I got started into racing as it was something that my dad and grandparents were involved in; watching my dad race had me from the start wanting to.

2. If you could be sponsored by any beverage, which would you want to be sponsored by?

If I could be sponsored by a beverage I’d have to say Ginger Ale.

3. Story behind your car number

The story behind the number 23 my cousin that was the race car number he was going to driver before he was killed and my dad used to race the number 23 a long time ago.

4. If you have a nickname, what is it and why? If not, what do you think should be a good nickname?

Don’t have a nickname.

5. If you could race against any NASCAR driver, who and why?

If I could race against and NASCAR driver it would have to be Jeff Gordon as my dad looked up to him and always race his paint scheme.

6. What’s your life like outside of racing? Hobbies?

My life outside of racing now is working.

7. If you were an animal, what animal would you be?

I’d be a dog.

8. Favourite pizza topping

Favourite pizza topping would be pepperoni.

9. Dream vacation spot


10. If you were stuck on an island, what would you have to have?

If I were stuck on a island I would have to have my camera.

11. Favourite book

Don’t have one.

12. Favourite movie

I have lots of them.

13. Favourite piece of technology

My tablet.

14. Sponsors/people you’d like to thank

My sponsors I’d like to thank would be Simone Performance and Perly Fullerto, and special people I would like to thank is Ryan and my dad for all their help.


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