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Spira Racing – Post Race Update #2014-15 – July 5, 2014 Sunset Speedway

Three out of four Spira/Erb & Erb Insurance Broker cars arrived at Sunset Speedway as Billy had a rare weekend off from racing as he was out of town on vacation. Jake had a minor push condition during the practice sessions that was cured by air pressure adjustments, Samantha had tuning issues with her motor and Scott had his hands full with both handling and motor tuning at one of his rare occasions attending Sunset Speedway.

Samantha was in the 1st heat, where she started 7th and worked her way up to 4th by the half way point, where she held onto the position throughout the remaining laps to finish 4th. Jake was in the 2nd heat, where he would start 8th and finish 6th and Scott was in the 3rd heat race where he started 5th and worked his way up to 2nd before falling back to finish 4th.

With 34 cars in attendance, there would be a dash for cash for the top 12 finishers out of the heats and two consi races in order to set the final starting order for the 28 cars that would make the feature. While most tracks are having a hard time getting a full field of cars, Sunset Speedway had more than enough, with six cars not making the feature event.

Both Scott and Samantha were in the dash for cash race with their 4th place finishes as Jake entered a consi race to race his way into the show. Jake lined up 3rd, where he would finish, however an altercation with the 2nd place car at the end of the race would have the two drivers disqualified for the race and thus not qualifying for the feature. Samantha started 10th and Scott 12th in the dash for cash, where Sam moved up to 8th at the half way point as Scott moved up one position into 11th. Samantha maintained her position
throughout the 2nd half of the race to finish 8th as Scott gained a position that made it two up from where he started, to finish 10th.

As Jake disappointedly looked on from the sidelines, Scott lined up for the 25 lap feature event in 8th, followed by Samantha in 13th. Scott gained a position by the 5th lap and was running 7th as Samantha was on her way forward, passed her teammate and was running ahead of him in 6th. Throughout the balance of the feature, Samantha fell back two positions and finished 8th, with a five position gain from where she started, as Scott fell back throughout the final laps to finish 11th.

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