Friday, September 17, 2021

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Lane Zardo scores Super Stock feature victory at Sunset Speedway

After suffering from motor issues on Saturday night, Lane Zardo came back in style and won the Sunday 30-lap feature event.


Cayden Lapcevich would win the first heat ahead of Randy Rusnell, Mike Weeda, Tyler Liscum, Dennis Cybalski, Rob Morrison, Steve Cashmore, Coltin Everingham and Brandon Chamberlain.


The second heat didn’t go well for Adam Martin as the throttle hung going into turn one, resulting in significant contact with the wall. Matt Bentley would pick up the win ahead of Zardo, Dan Archibald, Paul Geniole Jr., Chris Howse, Nick Tooley, Daryl Fice and Tom Podd.


Fice would win the consolation race ahead of Cashmore, Everingham, Chamberlain and Podd.


Lapcevich would go for the daily double with the Dash for Cash win ahead of Bentley, Rusnell, Zardo, Archibald, Geniole Jr., Weeda, Liscum, Cybalski, Morrison, Tooley and Howse.


Come feature time, Paul Geniole Jr. would draw pole ahead of Tyler Liscum, Chris Howse, Rob Morrison, Steve Cashmore, Nick Tooley, Dan Archibald, Lane Zardo, Dennis Cybalski, Mike Weeda, Cayden Lapcevich, Coltin Everingham, Matt Bentley, Randy Rusnell, Daryl Fice, Tom Podd and Brandon Chamberlain.


Geniole Jr. would grab the lead in his No. 81 Canadian Tire, Graham Connor Painting Contractor, Brown Bros Roofing Camaro out front ahead of Liscum, though was brought back to the field as the caution flew for Steve Cashmore going around on the backstretch. Cashmore got sideways off of corner two after contact with Archibald in the corner.


The second attempt at a restart went much smoother with Geniole Jr. once again getting out ahead of the field. He began to run away from the field with Archibald in toe behind him as everybody else battled for third spot on back. Liscum held on to it for a good bit, though eventually would start to drop back through the field.


The driver to watch the entire time was Zardo as he was carving his way up through the field, passing people high and low. He would get by Archibald at about lap 11, before chasing down Geniole. The pair would run side-by-side for a bit, battling back and forth, with Zardo putting the No. 46 Holmes on Homes, National Exhaust, Al Tupper Insurance, Better Contracting, Smart Screen, Gutter Protection,Royal Purple, Quality Custom Inc. Big Chute Marina Monte Carlo out front on lap 18. Zardo would begin to stretch his lead out, though didn’t get far as the caution would fly on lap 21 for Steve Cashmore going around.


Zardo would get a good restart to keep his lead, while Geniole Jr. would slip up a bit on the outside, falling back to fifth before the caution waved once again with five laps to go for Liscum going around. With five laps to go, Zardo led Archibald, Rusnell, Bentley, Geniole Jr., Lapcevich, Morrison, Cybalski, Weeda, Fice, Howse, Tooley, Everingham, Chamberlain and Podd.


The green flag would bring another good side-by-side battle, this time featuring Zardo and Archibald. Lane Zardo would get away with four laps to go and that’d be all she wrote as he’d grab the victory. Matt Bentley got by Dan Archibald at the line to grab second, while Randy Rusnell and Cayden Lapcevich rounded out the top five. Paul Geniole Jr. finished sixth, followed by Rob Morrison, Dennis Cybalski, Daryl Fice, Mike Weeda, Chris Howse, Nick Tooley, Tyler Liscum, Brandon Chamberlain, Coltin Everingham and Tom Podd.

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