Monday, September 20, 2021

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Gary Elliott Racing – Sunset Speedway Fan Appreciation Night

August 3rd                                  Race #21

This was our 5th race in 9 nights and it was good to get back to Sunset Speedway in the Quaker State Impala.  Tonight was special because it was Fan Appreciation night and we got to hand out autograph cards to the kids big and small, which love racing and come to support our sport.

Buttons got in the action. She loves people, and Marty joined me as always to make sure kids got pictures.  Lauren gave out her new cards and candies to the kids. It was a great day for fans weather wise with lots of race cars on the track.

Laurens car was beat up the night before and her team worked hard to get it ready for Sunday’s race.  A tow truck was used to pull out the frame so she could be in all her races and of course participate in the Fan Appreciation part of the night.

Lauren was ready for racing and did lots of it on Sunday racing her car hard in every race she was in.   She battled 3 wide, doubled up constantly, bumper to bumper most all of her race and she held her own very good.  In the end though, the hard work by the crew meant they were tired and over spent, and forgot to top up the fuel for the feature race and Lauren ran out of gas running 9th of 28 cars.  But a big thumbs up to our Mini Stock team and A+ for effort.

We had a good night in the Late Model, finished 6th, 4th and then 15th of 21 cars in the feature event.  We had not been here for a while so we will work on the car for next weekend’s big even at the track Family Faith Night. Buttons greeted me after the races were over telling me we did great :)

Busy Weekend Coming

Our Quaker State team Camaro will be on display in Grand Bend for a special event with Ideal Supply.  We will be there from Friday until Sunday.

Racing Saturday Sunset Speedway….Family Faith Night

Racing Sunday at Kawartha  Speedway….Summer Sizzler

(this is the rain date from July 13th

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