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PREVIEW: Four Funs on tap for Summer Rush presented by Knightswork Design

Sometimes you can put in all the effort in the world and it just won’t work. Unfortunately, that is what happened with the Grassroots Racing Series at Kawartha Speedway. As a result, the Four Fun drivers were left without anymore dates on the famed speedway for the rest of the year.

However, low and behold, that isn’t the truth. News quickly spread and Dave Gainforth, along with some help from Donovan Price, is set to offer the Four Fun drivers a shot this weekend. These drivers will be added to the Sunday show that Gainforth and his OSCAAR team had already put together with a 20-lap feature. No qualifying races – starting spot will be based on a draw. No payout – just free admission and a trophy to the winner….oh, and some bragging rights.

“(By doing this), it will get some new faces out to see a OSCAAR event and get the feeling of being part of a good show,” Price commented. “The four funs can put a good show on as they are pretty much all equal. These drivers are excited to do this.”

For these drivers, it’s their chance to tackle one of the best tracks in Ontario once again. It’s also a chance for them to show their talent and sponsors in front of the already big crowd that will be attendance for the Mini Stock Nationals, the Vanderlaan Building Products Pro Late Models that run on dirt at Brighton Speedway, OSCAAR Hanover Holiday Modifieds and OSCAAR Super Late Models.

One of the drivers who has already confirmed that he will be in attendance on Sunday is Andrew Massey, who visited victory lane at Kawartha earlier this year.

“Well, first I’m super excited to be racing at Kawartha again after being told we were done. It’s nice to get one more race in,” Massey commented. “The No. 83 has been running really well at Kawartha. I never thought I’d ever have a win at Kawartha, let alone an undefeated car.

“I’m thankful OSCAAR has given us Four Fun guys a spot to race in this exciting event. OSCAAR is top notch and it would be a highlight of my short stockcar career to have an OSCAAR start under my belt! Would be even better to walk out with an OSCAAR win!”

Fellow driver Brandon Feeney echoed those sentiments, saying that this is a “big deal” for the “little guys” as it gives them a bigger fan base to showcase their skills and sponsors, and possibly the chance to land a couple new sponsors.

“Kawartha downs is a very fast track and have raced there twice before and love it there,” Feeney added. “Now my overall chance to win i wont say are gonna be awesome but I’m gonna give everything my Pontiac Sunfire has got. This being my first year racing, every time on track is a learning experience. My car seems fast at Peterborough Speedway and was quick at Kawartha, just got to see if my car is faster since fixing the alignment.”

Another rookie driver, Keith Parkes, says that he will be there on Sunday as it’s a “cannot miss event” and could be the last chance that Kawartha hosts an event with the future being unknown as of right now.

“I am having a blast as a 60 year old rookie,” Parkes commented. “I have been around stock car tracks for 55 years. Should have done this a long time ago. Now that I am retired from Bell Canada, I have a lot more time on my hands.”

So far this year has not gone as Parkes would’ve hopes as hauling from Brampton to Peterborough, he and his son Connor have totaled two cars already, one of those cars being totaled last weekend when Connor hit the turn four wall in practice, breaking a bone in his leg.

Another driver who hasn’t had the best of luck either is Tiffany Vandebelt, as she has missed a night and has only finished three of the features this year due to bad luck. Perhaps a good run at Kawartha this weekend could help change fortunes for her and her team.

“I’m excited but sad all at the same time,” Vandebelt commented. “I am happy to have this opportunity to be able to race this awesome track possibly for the last time (that is the sad part of it). I love this track it just flows, cars work nicely at this track, its smooth and I’m gonna miss it if it doesn’t re-open again. Hopefully we can get more opportunities to run even once in awhile.

“Very thankful that someone has given us the opportunity; sad that Andrew McFadden worked to get it open and had a bunch of empty spots at the end with people saying they love the track but always have an excuse as to why they aren’t there.”

Make sure to be in attendance this weekend at Kawartha Speedway on Sunday at 3pm to experience the “Summer Rush”. Full details with regards to gate prices and start time can be found on the OSCAAR website at

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