Spira Racing – Post Race Update #29 Aug 23, 2014 Sauble Speedway

Billy and his team were the only car from the Spira stable of Mustangs that raced this weekend, as there was no mini-stocks racing at either Sunset or Flamboro Speedway. The #86 team headed north to Sauble Speedway for the second last race of the season at the Speedway, and although the #86 team did not start off the season to race for points at any track, Billy was now leading the points at Sauble, so they have decided to run the last two races to see if they could win the track championship. The car was very loose during practice and after making adjustments with spring rubbers, stagger and putting pre-load into the sway bar, the handling was much better as Billy lined up 5th in the first of two heat races. The #17 pulled ahead of the field for the win and Billy finished 3rd as the car would snap loose on corner exit as he tried to cut to the inside of the #36 for second.

After additional changes to tighten up the car, billy would start on the outside pole in the second heat beside the #98. Despite the carburetor sputtering in the centre of the corner, Billy was able to clear the #98 and get into an early lead that he maintained throughout the ten laps for the win. The car remained a little loose, however with the sun going down and the track cooling off from the extremely warm day, the crew decided to leave it as the track should cause the car to tighten up on its own. Another attempt was made at adjusting the carburetor and the #86 lined up to start 4th in the 25 lap feature behind the #6, #98 and #36. The field quickly went into some three wide racing with Billy stuck in the middle, where he maintained his momentum to move forward. The #17 moved to the front of the pack on the 6th lap as he took over the lead from the #36 with Billy running 3rd. Billy cleared the #36 on the next lap and set his sights on the #17 who was running very fast lap times up front. As the caution free event continued, and only ten laps remaining, Billy caught up to the #17 and was now on his bumper, however the #17 was running extremely well and would have to make a mistake in order for Billy to get into the position to make a pass. On lap 18, the #17 faltered going into the corner and Billy was right there to capitalize on the minor mistake, allowing him to get a run on the inside and take over the lead. The #17 quickly regained his line and was now on Billy’s tail, waiting for him to make any mistake at all in order to capitalize and regain his position up front. Billy did not give the #17 the opportunity to advance as he hit his marks in every corner throughout the final laps and would get the win with the #17 just behind him in 2nd.

 The track treated the teams and the many fans is attendance with a corn roast that the team enjoyed as they celebrated their win that would put their total winnings close to the $4,000.00 mark that would be donated between the Guelph Wish Fund for Children and Victim Services Wellington. The #86 team would have the rest of the weekend off and will return to Sauble Speedway next weekend for the final points night, where they hope to finish off the season with a championship.

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