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Cayden Lapcevich outduels Bentley and Morrison to feature victory

The final laps of the Super Stock feature on Saturday night marked the possible highlight of the 2014 season as Cayden Lapcevich was able to outduel Matt Bentley and Johnny Morrison en route to feature victory.

Lapcevich won the first heat ahead of Morrison, Randy Rusnell, Chris Howse, Matt Bentley, Adam Martin, Steve Cashmore, Coltin Everingham and Jim Morrison.

Dennis Cybalski won the second heat ahead of Lane Zardo, Mike Weeda, Paul Geniole Jr., Tyler Liscum, Donny Munce and Nick Tooley. Mike Meyer would pull off the track with a couple laps to go.

Steve Cashmore would win the b-main ahead of Tooley, Jim Morrison and Everingham.

Lapcevich went for the daily double ahead of Cybalski, Johnny Morrison, Rusnell, Zardo, Geniole Jr., Bentley, Martin, Howse, Liscum, Munce and Weeda.

Come feature time, it’d be Nick Tooley starting on pole in his No. 82 X-Copper, The Playdium Store, Davidson Tailers, Simcoe Mobile Wash ride ahead of Geniole Jr., Martin, Bentley, Cashmore, Weeda, Lapcevich, Liscum, Howse, Munce, Cybalski, Zardo, Rusnell, Jim Morrison, Johnny Morrison and Everingham.

On the drop of the green flag, Paul Geniole Jr. would put his No. 81 Canadian Tire, Graham Connor Painting Contractor, Brown Bros Roofing Camaro out front as Tooley battled Bentley for second. Bentley would get the spot while Weeda got by Martin for fourth. Weeda would get alongside Tooley for third at lap two, making the pass a lap later while Martin battled Liscum. Martin would hold Liscum off ahead of Lapcevich and Cashmore, then getting alongside Tooley for fourth at lap five. however, the battle would get cut short with the caution flying on lap six for Liscum getting loose off turn two, practically sideways down the backstretch before spinning as he went into turn three, catching Rusnell a little. With 25 laps to go, Geniole Jr. led Bentley, Weeda, Martin, Tooley, Cashmore, Lapcevich, Cybalski, Rusnell, Zardo, Munce, Johnny Morrison, Jim Morrison, Liscum, Everingham and Howse.

The restart would bring an excellent battle for the lead between Geniole Jr. and Bentley as the two cars battled hard side-by-side, lap after lap, for the lead. Behind them, Martin would grab third ahead of Weeda while Cashmore and Cybalski battled for fifth. Lapcevich would bring himself amongst that battle at lap 10, getting alongside Cybalski for fifth. The battle would turn three-wide a lap later as Rusnell dove to the bottom of them both. Everybody would keep it going with Lapcevich the big winner as he got the fifth spot, getting alongside Weeda for fourth. Lapcevich would move into fourth at lap 13 as Rusnell tried to follow suit. Lapcevich continued climbing through the field as he got alongside Martin for third at lap 14, while Rusnell cleared Weeda for fifth before the second caution flew at lap 16 for Cybalski spinning Weeda. With 14 laps to go, Geniole Jr. led Bentley, Martin, Lapcevich, Rusnell, Johnny Morrison, Zardo, Cashmore, Tooley, Howse, Munce and Liscum.

The first attempt at a restart turned ugly with Rusnell spinning Martin, collecting Zardo in the process. As a result, all three would be sent to the back as involved cars. So now with 14 laps to go, it’d be Geniole leading Bentley, Lapcevich, Johnny Morrison, Cashmore, Tooley, Howse, Liscum, Munce, Everingham, Jim Morrison, Weeda, Cybalski, Rusnell, Zardo and Martin.

The second attempt was smooth as Geniole and Bentley resumed their battle for the lead. Bentley would get the advantage behind the wheel of his No. 21 Super Stock on lap 18 while Johnny Morrison, Geniole and Lapcevich ran three-wide for second. Lapcevich would grab the spot on lap 20 while Morrison and Geniole continued to battle. Lapcevich then got alongside Bentley for the lead at lap 21 as Morrison cleared Geniole before the caution flew for Tooley spinning on the backstretch. With seven laps to go, Bentley led Lapcevich, Morrison, Geniole Jr., Howse, Liscum, Cashmore, Zardo, Munce, Rusnell, Martin, Weeda, Everingham, Jim Morrison and Tooley.

The first attempt at a restart produced the fourth yellow flag as Munce spun Zardo, moving both of them to the rear of the field. Munce would then pull off, done for the night.

The second attempt went smoother with Lapcevich and Bentley side-by-side for the lead. The battle turned three-wide at lap 24 as Johnny Morrison stuck his nose to the bottom as both Lapcevich and Bentley got loose. Bentley would lose out on this deal, slipping back to third on lap 25 as Lapcevich and Morrison continued to battle. However, more slipping and sliding at the front brought Bentley back in the mix with three laps to go as they were three-wide once again.

Cayden Lapcevich would dig deep, driving as hard as he could to take the lead with one lap to go and hold on to secure the victory in his No. 76 Tim Hortons, Troy Cove Marine, Springers Meats, Cathcard Trucking, One Promo Carz Super Stock. Matt Bentley finished second, followed by Johnny Morrison, Paul Geniole Jr., Paul Howse, Steve Cashmore, Randy Rusnell, Dennis Cybalski, Tyler Liscum, Lane Zardo, Mike Weeda, Adam Martin, Nick Tooley, Coltin Everingham and Jim Morrison.

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