Saturday, September 25, 2021

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ST: Gary Elliott Racing – Quaker State Team Goes To School

Show #1

This was our first show of 2015.  We were invited to attend the auto shop class at Sir John A MacDonald high school in Hamilton to be part of a student project to learn about the making and competing of a NASCAR style race car.

My crew member Marty Hagen and I went to the school for 3 days, giving a detailed seminar each day on various aspects of our Quaker State Impala.  The students were very interested, participating in some maintenance operations, learning how the suspension worked, and asking many great questions.

Day one was brutally cold outside but soon warmed up once we unloaded our car and got it into the school auto shop.  We were proud to represent Quaker State and all our associate sponsors on this special work shop.

Day one we showed the students some basics, things they already knew on a passenger car, but to them being near a race car was no comparison.  Marty and I enjoyed working with the students; I think we were just as excited.

Adding anti freeze to the engine, changing tires and hearing the engine run were more than these kids expected and they loved every minute of it.

The students all received our 40th Anniversary Quaker State souvenir program and an autograph card.   Special thanks to Peter De New.

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