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NSCS: Brett Moffitt Hoping To Continue String of Sucess with Front Row Motorsports

Following an eighth place finish last weekend subbing for Brian Vickers for Michael Waltrip Racing. Brett Moffitt has been now given the opportunity to drive the No. 34 for Front Row Motorsports for three weeks.

“It was a great opportunity last week that Michael Waltrip Racing gave me,” Moffitt commented. “To go out there on a one-off deal and make the most of it meant the world to me. It was a high pressure situation and it opened up this door with Front Row Motorsports over the next three races. Hopefully we can continue this string of success here.”

Reflecting back on last week, he commented that 500 miles make for a really long race, and being able to mentally and physically stay in there for the event was an accomplishment. He also expressed his excitement in being able to run within the top 10 with the best drivers.

“The last restart where I was able to get the 19 (Carl Edwards) and 31 (Ryan Newman) on the high side was really cool,” he commented. “Having Keselowski run me down for the next 10-15 laps there at the end of the race was a huge accomplishment to stay in front of him. That was one of those ‘I belong’ moments. I was putting a lot of pressure on myself to stay in front of the 2 car and try to hold him off and I did. I was just telling myself not to mess up. It worked out and was a really good day.”

The announcement for this weekend came as a surprise, with MWR being a Toyota team and FRM being a Ford team, and Moffitt being under development contract with MWR. However, Moffitt says the ability to go out and do this stems from the fact that MWR Executive Ty Norris is always adamant about Moffitt taking every opportunity that he is given and showcasing his talents. Moffitt adds that the key is showing that he is “belongs out there”.

There were other offers on the table, but Moffitt felt that FRM was the strongest team that came to them with an offer for the ride.

“It is a stable team and they have been showing a lot of success and positivity lately from the second half of the season last year on,” he said. “When that one came about I was really excited to work with them and I think it is going to be a very positive experience for both parties involved. As far as moving forward, we don’t know what the future holds past these next three but hopefully these three go well and it can continue to open up doors.”

Moffitt says he will be focused on just getting more seat time under his belt so that way he continues to grow as a competitor behind the wheel. He adds that it’s about keeping his expectations in check, and knowing that he’s with a different team this week. The goals are simple – run a smart race, finish the laps and complete all 400 miles this weekend with a “clean car” to earn respect.

“This opportunity at Front Row Motorsports will be a car we can go compete with other cars and race inside the top-25 and get to racing door to door with the 43 other cars out there,” he commented. “That is what I need to learn and it will be nice to be in the car multiple weeks in a row. That is new for me. Last year was race to race and we would pick and choose. To be in four consistent weeks here will be huge for my career and learning.”

Looking down the road, there is a possibility down the road for MWR to have a third car on their stable, joining Clint Bowyer and Brian Vickers.

“Hopefully things are running smoothly on that and in the meantime I will try to get the experience so that if the opportunity presents itself I will be ready,” Moffitt commented.

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