ST: Southeast Super Truck Series Statement on Myrtle Beach 400

November 16, 2015 –

The UNOH Myrtle Beach 400 held this past weekend at Myrtle Beach Speedway included a 100 lap event featuring many competitors from the Southeast Super Truck Series (SESTS).

While this event did utilize the rules used by the SESTS, neither the series administration or the series officials participated in this event. Series founder and owner, Jeff Myers, was in attendance in a consulting capacity only and had no decision making authority for any rules enforcement or race procedures.

At the conclusion of the event, the #12 truck driven by Cole Glasson was in the lead and was unofficially named the winner. In post-race technical inspection, however, Myrtle Beach Speedway officials made the determination that the winning truck did not meet the technical specifications outlined by the rulebook.

Based on that decision, the #12 truck of Cole Glasson was disqualified and declared not to be the winner of the event.

It is the opinion of the Southeast Super Truck Series administration that the #12 truck driven by Cole Glasson did meet all technical specifications of the SESTS rulebook.

Series owner, Jeff Myers commented on this situation stating, “The Southeast Super Truck Series had no authority in the management of the event this weekend at Myrtle Beach Speedway. The series fully supports its drivers and it is the determination of the series that the #12 truck was legal per the series rulebook and should have been declared the winner of the event. We look forward to a successful 2016 season and we will, as always, review the rules before the start of the season so that all teams have a full understanding of what is expected of them during all official series events.”

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