February 5, 2023

4 thoughts on “The Curious Case of Trevor Bayne

  1. It’s probably a combination of car and driver that contributes to the lack of performance at Roush-Fenway racing. Overall the team has been non competitive for several years now. Bayne and Stenhouse seem to wreck quite a bit in my opinion. Matt will certainly demonstrate whether it was the cars, or not. Just like Arik in the 10 car. It’s hard to believe that after all of these years that Jack can’t build a fast race car. However it can be the case. Trevor has had ample opportunity to prove himself. Stenhouse is pretty inconsistent too. Time will tell.
    On another note Joe Gibbs gets on my nerves when it comes to Kenseth. Dumped him and then has done nothing but praise Matt and his talent and what a great guy he is for the sport. What a load of crap

    1. Hi Al thanks for the reply. I definitely see where you are coming from with some of your comments. As far as the Gibbs thing, I believe that Kenseth should have had another year in the 20. But, sponsors demand certain things and they wanted to get Jones in the car. Thanks for reading!

  2. Roush was obviously struggling before Kenseth, Edwards and Biffle left. However, I think having two inexperienced drivers isn’t helping matters. Stenhouse and Bayne don’t have much Cup seat time in quality rides, so I’m sure that is holding back their development as cup drivers – as well as holding back Roush in improving their program. Getting some veterans in the seat will help, but it will be a tough row to hoe. Roush is facing the same challenges now as many of the upstart teams have faced over the years. Taking a page from Stewart-Haas, using veteran drivers with proven experience, will be a step in the right direction. I hope them all the best.

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