March 4, 2024

2 thoughts on “Is the “Big 3” in NASCAR Becoming a Four Letter Word?

  1. I have watched Nascar for a long time and I could care less this year. If you aren’t a fan of one of the “big 3” there is no reason to watch. If NASCAR wonders why they are losing fans, look no further. It seems odd in a sport where they try to have so many rules to make an even playing field, that three veteran drivers that were complaining about all the young blood suddenly can’t be beat!

  2. All races should be restricter(?) plate races, this way the race is put on the crew chiefs and drivers. It would be more exciting and money would have less to do with it. Lets face it, the teams with the most money win. There are good drivers that never win because of the money the team has, lets go with skill…

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