NASCAR Myths You Need To Know

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NASCAR Myths You Need To Know

NASCAR is the MMA of car racing. It is the ‘form’ of car racing which in all respects is more ‘raw’ than any other form of car racing. Because of this, there are many people who are quick to forward all sorts of stuff concerning this sport. Some of the things that are ‘forwarded’ unfortunately aren’t true but because the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) is a bit of an unconventional sport, many people are quick in believing the myths. However, in this article, we will debunk all the myths about NASCAR that many believe to be true. Before, we start, we just want to inform you that you can make some profits this calendar year by engaging in NASCAR sports betting at NetBet.

NASCAR Drivers Aren’t Athletes

Just to get the message across before we explain this myth, NASACR stands for National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. From the above, it seems like NASCAR is just a sport for people who own stock cars or who love stock cars. This is not exactly true. Of course, to become a NASCAR driver, one has to be fond of the sport, however, this is not the only prerequisite needed for one to become a NASCAR driver. Just like any other sport, NASCAR drivers have to be athletes in their own right i.e. they have to spend time training before they take to the racing track. As such, if you thought you could become a NASCAR driver just because you own a stock car, you have to think again.

NASCAR Isn’t a Sport

Closely linked to the above, there are many people who believe that NASCAR drivers aren’t athletes (though we have disputed this). these people by their line of reasoning also state that NASCAR is not necessarily a sport but just a ‘hobby’ or something that people do when out and about. This however is not true, NASCAR is actually a sport, just like football, tennis, rugby or any other ‘sport’ you may think of. There are many things which help in making (qualifying) NASCAR as a sport. Just for interest sake, the fact that NASACR drivers are athletes is one such thing which makes NASCAR a sport. Also, the fact that NASCAR has its own set of rules used by all drivers also qualifies it as a sport.


There are many people who genuinely believe that NASCAR is cheap. To support their assertions, they state  that the mere fact that old ‘stock’ cars are used in racing and (now debunked myth that) non-athletes race as NASCAR drivers means that NASCAR is cheap and it’s something that everyone can join and partake for as long as one owns or has access to a stock car. This however, is not true. To the contrary, NASCAR is an expensive sport, something which requires a lot of money to start and to maintain. Just to put this into perspective, to buy a stock car, one would need over $150 000 with the engine alone costing at least $100 000. In addition to this NASCAR upper level drivers command monthly wages of $100 000+. Add that with flight fees for attending NASCAR races in different parts of the country/world, then one would see that NASCAR is truly an expensive sport.