December 4, 2023

9 thoughts on “Lapped Cars Should Not be Required to Move Out of the Way.

  1. The only reason to make it easy for a guy to lap you is to get that favor in return. To say that someone should stop racing, in a race, is ridiculous. The problem is that the cars get tight with a huge spoiler on them. No one is a ‘choir boy’ out there. Ricky’s comments about remaining the first car a lap down are accurate…and I’m not a fan of any of these guys.

  2. No he should not get out of the way, Ilike Matin but just because he races for one of the top car owners he should not get any favours.

  3. If you have a faster car, you should have no problem passing. Everybody that is on the race track has a right to what ever lane they choose no matter what.

  4. That’s what they are there for, to race. I didn’t know only the leaders should race. Kind of like homestead last year. They should take off their pink panties and everyone out there should race.

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