How to quickly make the most out of a Weekend Trip

Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash

Weekend trips are a great way to break the monotony, visit family or friends, or just see new and interesting places nearby.

Weekend trips are a great way to break the monotony, visit family or friends, or just see new and interesting places nearby. Weekend trips have a certain level of preparation expected, or lack thereof to be done. Spontaneous trips can be just as fun as well-planned ones, however, if you want to make the most out of your weekend trip; knowing the best ways to optimize your preparation provides the best value for your time and money.

Weather and Availability

Firstly, and the most obvious would be to make sure the weather lines up with the activity you plan on doing. Good weather can make a trip in itself, likewise, bad weather can ruin one entirely. A trip to the Grand Canyon is heavily diminished if a heavy fog is clouding the views, or a racing track is unusable due to rain.

Another thing that can ruin a trip just as soon as it’s begun is not double-checking reservations and availability. For example, a concert is happening and the tickets are sold out by the time you arrive, or a campground is closed for the season. This also includes checking if hotels have a vacancy to have a place to stay overnight. This step requires a tiny amount of effort, and is arguably the most important when planning any trip. Whilst you’re at it checking availability, you can also plan secondary options just in case something completely unforeseen were to happen.

Getting to your destination

After you’ve confirmed the weather and reservation, you will need to think about how you plan on getting to your location of choice. Most commonly, you will just end up using your home vehicle and thus, the problem is solved. However, it’s great to consider borrowing a car from a friend, using a rental car or taking a flight depending on circumstances of the location such as terrain and distance.

If you’re a frequent flyer, many airlines offer options to have free flights and these can be used to easily make weekend trips however, if you don’t have access to those options, flying can be expensive. If you plan on renting or borrowing a vehicle, especially a larger one such as an RV, it’s important to ask yourself: Can you buy car insurance for a day? Ultimately the safety of yourself and those around you is paramount so be sure to pick the option you’re most comfortable with, as well as do the proper steps to stay safe on the road if you plan on driving.

Optimize your Time

Any good plan properly accounts for time and schedules. A weekend getaway is meant to be a fun reprieve from day-to-day life and having a compacted timeline can seriously impede on the overall enjoyment. No one wants to jump around from place to place on a trip, and most likely it’ll be best spent relaxing and enjoying what you went there for in the first place.

The best way to optimize your time is to come up with an open and loose schedule that can change depending on circumstances. Also preparing your clothes and meals ahead of time can be equally useful. This can be done with dinner reservations or just packing some meals beforehand.

Have Fun

Lastly and most concisely, have fun. Being somewhere new and exciting creates some of the best memories that will last a lifetime. If possible, bring along good company to share this experience with such as your peers, your friends, or your family. No matter where you plan on going, remember that even the smallest amount of preparation can provide benefits in spades.