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  1. Thanks for reading Calvin. Please keep in mind this is an opinion piece. No requirement to be unbiased. This is my opinion on the situation. If the situation was reversed, I would have written it the same way, but indicating Elliott was wrong. You are fully entitled to your opinion. However, I enjoy the same rights that you enjoy and I am entitled to mine. We can agree to disagree without insults to one another. Enjoy the season!

    • Mike, I’m aware NASCAR has been doing Truck races on Wednesdays for quite a while. I imagine this is the article you’re referring to: If you’ll read closely, you’ll see that I mention this is the first time NASCAR will run this race in primetime on network/cable television. Ie. FOX, not FOX Sports 1 or SPEED, a premium channel many people have to specially order that costs more money. FOX comes with a basic cable subscription on most TV packages, unlike FS1 or SPEED. That’s why this is a big deal.

    • Hi Mike, thanks for reading! We are always looking to expand our coverage. We will definitely look into this! Thanks for the suggestion!

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