Bristol Food City 500 Lap by Lap

Greg Biffle elects the outside and pulls ahead on the start to lead lap 1

Lap 11 A.J. Allmendinger passes Jeff Gordon for second while Biffle continues to lead

Lap 13 Bifffle leads Allmendinger, Gorodn, Ryan Newman, Regan Smith, Brad Keselowski, Carl Edwards, Aric Almirola, Kasey Kahne and Marcos Ambrose

Lap 23 Kasey Kahne cut off Regan Smith, spinning himself, collecting Gordon, Kevin Harvick, Edwards, Ambrose, Kevin Harvick. Kahne, Ambrose, Busch and Edwards are behind the wall with damage.

Pit Stops…….Biffle leads Menard and Keselowski off pit road. Seven drivers did not pit – A.J Allmendinger now leads Martin Truex Jr. and Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Restart Lap 46 as Allmemdinger pulls ahead of Truex

Lap 54 Allmendinger leads Truex, Brian Vickers, Jeff Burton, Earnhardt Jr., Biffle, Keselowksi, Logano, Gordon, Jamie McMurray

Lap 57 Vickers passes Truex for second

Lap 58 Earnhardt Jr. passes Burton for fourth, Gordon passes Keselowski and Logano

Lap 61 Allmendinger leads Vickers, Truex, Earnhardt Jr., Burton, Biffle, Gordon, Keselowski, Logano, McMurray

Lap 65 Gordon passes Biffle

Lap 67 Keselowski passes Biffle

Lap 68 Burton passes Earnhardt Jr. while McMurray passes Logano

Lap 75 Allmendinger leads Vickers, Truex, Burton, Earnhardt Jr., Gordon, Keselowski, McMurray, Biffle, Kenseth

Lap 84 Kenseth passes Biffle for ninth

Lap 89 Truex passes Vickers for second

Lap 94 Vickers passes Truex

Lap 95 Earnhardt Jr. and Burton both pass Truex

Lap 96 Vickers passes Allmendinger for the lead

Lap 100 Vickers leads Allmendinger, Earnhardt Jr, Burton, Truex, Gordon, Keselowski, McMurray, Kenseth, Biffle

Lap 105 Gordon moves up to third pass Earnhardt Jr., Burton and Truex

Lap 114 Vickers leads Allmendinger, GOrdon, Burton, Truex, Earnhardt Jr., Keselowski, McMurray, Kenseth, Biffle

Caution Lap 116 Ken Schrader gets into the outside wall after a flat right front tire…..Pit stops: Vickers leads Allmendinger, Gordon, Burton, Keselowski, Earnhardt Jr. and McMurray off pit road. Dave Blaney gets the lucky dog.

Restart Lap 123

Lap 127 Vickers leads Allmendinger, Burton, Gordon, Keselowski, Earnhardt Jr., Kenseth, Biffle, Jimmie Johnson and McMurray

Lap 129 Gordon passes Burton for third

Lap 131 Keselowski passes Burton for fourth

Lap 133 Earnhardt Jr. passes Burton for fifth

Lap 134 Keselowski passes Gordon for third

Lap 135 Keselowski passes Allmendinger for second

Lap 137 Gordon passes Allmendinger for third

Lap 140 Vickers leads Keselowski, Gordon, Allmendinger, Earnhardt Jr., Burton, Kenseth, Biffle, Johnson and McMurray

Lap 145 Johnson passes Biffle for eighth while Kenseth passes Burton for sixth

Lap 147 Kenseth passes Earnhardt Jr. for fifth

Lap 150 Vickers leads Keselowski, Gordon, Allmendinger, Kenseth, Earnhardt Jr., Burton, Johnson, Biffle, McMurray

Lap 162 Vickers leads Keselowski, Gordon, Kenseth, Earnhadt Jr., Burton, Johnson, Allmendinger, Biffle, Clint Bowyer

Lap 168 Biffle and Bowyer pass Allmendinger

Lap 172 McMurray passes Allmendinger for 10th

Lap 198 Bowyer passes Biffle for eighth

Lap 201 Bowyer passes Johnson for seventh

Lap 203 Vickers leads Keselowski, Gordon, Kenseth, Earnhardt Jr., Burton, Bowyer, Johnson, Biffle, McMurray

Lap 218 Keselowski takes the lead from Vickers

Lap 233 Keselowski leads Gordon, Kenseth, Vickers, Earnhardt Jr., Burton, Bowyer, Johnson, Biffle, McMurray as Allmendinger pits

Lap 252 Biffle pits

Lap 254 Kenseth passes Gordon for second

Lap 255 Kenseth takes the lead while Gordon moves up to second past Keselowski. Keselowski pits.

Lap 257 Logano, Smith, Truex and Earnhardt Jr. pit.

Lap 258 Kenseth, Gordon and Hamlin pit, handing the lead over to Vickers.

Lap 260 Johnson pits.

Lap 261 Juan Pablo Montoya pits.

Lap 263 Vickers pits to finish off the pit cycle. Keselowski resumes the lead.

Lap 266 Keselowski leads Kenseth, Gordon, Burton and Earnhardt Jr.

Lap 282 Burton passes Gordon for third

Lap 284 Keselwoski leads Kenseth, Burton, Gordon, Earnhardt Jr., Bowyer, Vickers, Johnson, Biffle and Menard

Lap 285 Bowyer passes Earnhardt Jr. for fifth

Lap 318 Keselowski leads Kenseth, BUrton, Bowyer, Gordon, Earnhardt Jr., Vickers, Johnson, Biffle, Menard

Lap 320 Vickers passes Earnhardt Jr. for sixth

Caution Lap 340 David Stremme gets into the wall. Tony Stewart gets the lucky dog. Pit stops: Keselowski leads Kenseth, Burton, Bowyer and Gordon off pit road

Restart 154 to go as Keselowski and Kenseth run side-by-side

152 to go Kenseth gets the lead from Keselowski

149 to go Kenseth leads Keselowski, Bowyer, Burton, Gordon, Earnhardt Jr., Vickers, Johnson, Truex, Biffle

Caution 138 to go Earnhardt Jr. and Gordon make contact, causing a left rear flat on Gordon’s car.

Restart 130 to go as Kenseth gets the lead of the high line from Keselowski

128 to go Kenseth leads Keselowski, Burton, Bowyers, Vickers, Earnhardt Jr., Biffle, Johnson, Menard, Truex

118 to go Kenseth leads Keselowski, Burton, Bowyer, Vickers, Earnhardt Jr., Biffle, Johnson, Truex, Stewart

110 to go Keselowski to the lead while Bowyer passes Burton for third

96 to go Keselowski leads Kenseth, Bowyer, Burton, Vickers, Earnhardt Jr., Truex, Johnson, Biffle, Stewart

69 to go Keselwoski leads Kenseth, Bowyer, Vickers, Earnhardt Jr., Burton, Truex, Johnson, Biffle, Stewart

50 to go Biffle passes Johnson for eighth

48 to go Truex passes Burton for sixth

46 to go Stewart passes Johnson for ninth

31 to go Truex passes Earnhardt Jr. for fifth

30 to go Keselowski leads Kenseth, Bowyer, Vickers, Truex, Earnnhardt Jr., Burton, Biffle, Stewart, Johnson

24 to go Caution as Stewart gets into the wall after contact with Brendan Gaughan….Pit stops: Some pit, while some stay out. Keselowski stays out ahead of Kenseth, Vickers and Truex. Earnnhardt Jr. gets a penalty for two fast entering the pits.

Restart 18 to go as Keselowski holds Kenseth off on the restart

15 to go Keselowski leads Kenseth, Truex, Vickers, Bowyer, Menard, Burton, McMurray, Harvick and Biffle.

9 to go Bowyer passes Vickers, Montoya and Johnson pass Biffle

6 to go Burton and McMurray pass Menard

5 to go Keselowski leads Kenseth, Truex, Bowyer, Vickers, Burton, McMurray, Menard, Harvick, Montoya, Johnson, Biffle.

FINISH Keselowski wins over Kenseth, Truex, Bowyer, Vickers, Burton, McMurray, Montoya, Johnson, Menard.

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