Lap by Lap: Capital City 400 Presented by Virginia Is For Lovers won by Kyle Busch

After a pit stop with 14 laps to go, Kyle Busch came off pit road first and never looked back as he went on to score his first win of the season.


Boogity Boogity Boogity Green Flag as Mark Martin holds the lead off of the first turn

Lap 6 Martin leads Kevin Harvick, Kyle Busch, Carl Edwards, AJ Allmendinger, Denny Hamlin, Martin Truex Jr., Jeff Gordon, Kasey Kahne, Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Lap 9 Kasey Kahne passes Jeff Gordon for eighth

Lap 11 Earnhardt Jr. passes Gordon for ninth

Lap 13 Edwards passes Busch for third

Lap 14 Aric Almirola passes Gordon for 10th

Lap 29 Martin leads Edwards, Harvick, Busch, Hamlin, Allmendinger, Truex Jr., Kahne, Almirola, Earnhardt Jr.

Lap 33 Keselowski passes Earnhardt Jr. for 10th while Edwards and Harvick pass Martin for first and second

Lap 36 Hamlin passes Busch

Lap 37 Hamlin passes Martin

Lap 50 Competition yellow due to rain…..Leaders pit and take four tires……

Restart Lap 58. A lot of contact on the restart between Kurt Busch and Gordon as Edwards keeps the lead

Lap 60 Gordon makes an unscheduled pit stop for a flat tire

Lap 65 Edwards leads Harvick and Hamlin as he pulls away from the field

Lap 74 Edwards leads Harvick, Hamlin, Allmendinger, Kyle Busch, Kahne, Truex, Martin, Brad Keselowski and Marcos Ambrose

Lap 83 Edwards leads Harvick, Hamlin, Allmendinger, Kyle Busch, Kahne, Truex, Keselowski, Tony Stewart, Martin

Lap 84 Busch passes Allmendinger

Lap 95 Edwards leads Harvick, Hamlin, Busch, Allmendinger, Kahne, Stewart, Truex, Keselowski and Jimmie Johnson

Lap 96 Johnson passes Truex and Keselowski

Lap 97 Stewart passes Kahne for sixth

Lap 116 Edwards leads Harvick, Hamlin, Stewart, Kyle Busch, Johnson, Allmendinger, Kahne, Keselowski and Earnhardt Jr. as Kurt Busch spins on the front stretch to bring out the caution……Leaders pits…..Edwards leads Hamlin and Harvick off pit road

Restart Lap 124

Lap 129 Edwards leads Hamlin, Busch, Harvick, Stewart, Earnhardt Jr., Johnson, Truex, Matt Kenseth and Allmendinger

Lap 133 Allmendinger passes Kenseth for ninth

Lap 135 Martin and Newman pass Kenseth for 10th and 11th

Lap 137 Johnson passes Earnhardt Jr. for sixth

Lap 140 Edwards leads Hamlin, Busch, Harvick, Stewart, Johnson, Earnhardt Jr., Truex, Allmendinger, Martin

Lap 152 Edwards leads Busch, Harvick, Hamlin, Stewart, Earnhardt Jr., Johnson, Truex, Allmendinger and Clint Bowyer

Lap 156 Stewart passes Hamlin

Lap 157 Earnhardt Jr. and Johnson pass Hamlin; Allmendinger passes Truex

Lap 175 Edwards leads Busch, Stewart, Harvick, Johnson, Earnhardt Jr., Hamlin, Bowyer, Allmendinger and Kahne

Lap 177 Stewart passes Busch for second

Lap 178 Kahne passes Allmendinger for ninth

Lap 184 Bowyer passes Hamlin for seventh

Lap 186 Kahne passes Hamlin for eighth

Lap 187 Edwards leads Stewart, Busch, Harvick, Johnson, Earnhardt Jr., Bowyer, Kahne, Hamlin, Allmendinger

Lap 197 Newman passes Allmendinger for 10th

Lap 201 pit stops begin……

Lap 202 Stewart passes Edwards for the lead

Lap 207 Stewart pits from the lead to finish the pit stop cycle, handing the lead to Harvick.

Lap 210 Harvick leads Edwards, Stewart, Johnson, Kahne, Bowyer, Allmendinger, Busch, Newman and Hamlin

Caution Lap 228 for debris. Landon Cassil gets the lucky dog…..Leaders pit

Restart Lap 237 as Edwards pulls out to the early lead over Stewart

Lap 241 Edwards leads Stewart, Kyle Busch, Johnson, Allmendinger, Bowyer, Montoya, Kahne, Harvick and Hamlin

Lap 251 Stewart takes the lead from Edwards

Lap 276 Stewart leads Busch, Johnson, Edwards, Allmendinger, Bowyer, Kahne, Hamlin, Earnhardt Jr. and Montoya

Lap 282 Busch passes Stewart for the lead

Lap 298 Busch leads Johnson, Stewart, Edwards, Bowyer, Kahne, Allmendinger, Hamlin, Earnhardt Jr. and Montoya as Harvick hits pit road

98 to go Hamlin passes Allmendinger; Stewart passes Johnson for second

97 to go Kahne passes Bowyer for fifth

92 to go Hamlin and Busch pit

91 to go Earnhardt Jr. and Keselowski pit

90 to go Stewart and Johnson pit, Edwards misses pit road, Jeff Burton gets into the wall. Caution comes out. Kyle Busch gets the lucky dog. Edwards pits from the lead; Stewart now the leader. Johnson to the tail end of the longest line due to pit penalty as they rolled the tire back instead of carrying it back. a bunch of cars take the wave around. 10 cars now on the lead lap.

Restart 82 to go as Stewart spins the tires and Edwards jumps to the lead

81 to go black flag Carl Edwards for jumping the start.

74 to go Stewart leads Busch, Earnhardt Jr., Kahne, Allmendinger, Hamlin, Bowyer, Montoya, Kenseth and Martin

66 to go Stewart leads Busch, Earnhardt Jr., Kahne, Bowyer, Allmendinger, Hamlin, Kenseth, Montoya and Martin

61 to go Montoya passes Kenseth for eighth

55 to go Martin and Johnson both pass Kenseth for ninth and 10th

49 to go Johnson pass Martin for ninth

40 to go Stewart leads Busch, Kahne, Earnhardt Jr., Bowyer, Hamlin, Allmendinger, Johnson, Montoya, Martin

39 to go Johnson passes Allmendinger

32 to go Allmendinger and Martin pass Allmendinger for position

22 to go Hamlin and Johnson pass Bowyer

18 to go Stewart leads Busch, Kahne, Earnhardt Jr., Hamlin, Johnson, Bowyer, Martin, Montoya, Kenseth

Caution 14 to go for debris. Carl Edwards gets the lucky dog. ….leaders hit pit road……Busch leads Stewart off pit road

Restart 9 to go as Busch and Stewart line-up side-by-side and Stewart spins the tires

8 to go Kyle Busch has pulled ahead of Earnhardt Jr. while Stewart and Hamlin follow

Kyle Busch wins, followed by Earnhardt Jr., Stewart, Hamlin, Kahne, Johnson, Bowyer, Martin, Keselowski and Edwards.