Lap by Lap: Prairie Meadows 200 won by Alex Bowman

Alex Bowman would hold off Grant Enfinger on a late race restart to pick up his third win of 2012.


Lap 1 Brennan Poole leads lap 1

Lap 12 Joseph Hughs blew up

Lap 23 Poole leads Bowman, Boat, Rogers and Reed

Lap 43 Poole leads Rogers, Bowman, Boat and Enfinger. Only the top 14 remain on the lead lap.

Lap 61 Josh Williams heads down pit road with a mechanical problem

Lap 64 Poole leads Rogers, Enfinger, Bowman and Boat

Caution lap 75 Brennan Poole hits the outside wall with flat tire while leading // Rogers now leads……leaders hit pit road for pit stop. Tom Hessert gets the lucky dog. Enfinger leads Rogers, Bowman, Boat and Jones. Poole making multiple pit stops, trying to fix the damage.

Restart Lap 83 as Rogers and Enfinger run side-by-side for the lead.

Lap 84 Rogers lead the lap ahead of Enfinger and Bowman. Rogers clears Enfinger for first, Enfinger battles with Bowman for second.

Lap 85 Rogers leads Bowman and Enfinger as Jones and Boat run side-by-side

Lap 86 12 cars on the lead lap; Rogers and Bowman battle for the lead

Lap 87 Rogers and Bowman battle side-by-side for the lead, ahead of Enfinger, Jones and Boat. Bowman takes the lead

Lap 90 Bowman leads Rogers, Enfinger, Jones and Boat

Lap 107 Boat passes Jones for fourth; Rogers and Enfinger battle for the second position.

Lap 109 Rogers keeps Enfinger behind him for second.

Lap 115 Caution as Brennan Poole has another right front tire issue. Most of the lead lap cars stayed out, with only some cars running near the end of the lead lap pitting. Those drivers include Frank Kimmel and Ryan Reed.

Restart lap 121

Lap 125 Bowman leads as Enfinger and Rogers battle for second, ahead of Boat and Jones.

Caution Lap 127 as Brandon Davis gets into the wall in turn two after getting loose……The leaders make their way down pit road for stops…..Kimmel stays out to take the lead

Restart Lap 135

Lap 136 Kimmel leads while Lofton and Bowman battle side-by-side for second

Lap 137 Bowman clears Lofton for third as big wreck on the backstretch after Zach Ralston and Nelson Canache wreck. Ralston gets loose and spins as Canache hits the inside wall, trying to avoid Ralston.

Restart lap 144

Lap 145 Kimmel leads ahead of Bowman while Lofton and Enfinger battle for third

Lap 146 Kimmel leads Bowman, Lofton, Enfinger and Jones as the caution comes out for Michael Simko spinning in turn two and hitting the wall. Simko got loose and then possibly got a little bit of contact from Chad Hackenbracht. Milka Duno got the lucky dog.

Restart lap 150

49 to go Rogers and Hessert make contact, but everybody saves it; Bowman passes Kimmel for the lead

47 to go Bowman leads Kimmel, Enfinger, Lofton, Jones

30 to go Bowman leads Enfinger, Kimmel, Boat and Jones

Caution Lap 185 Jared Marks, Brandon Davis and Milka Duno wreck. Duno gets loose on the inside of Ryan Reed and collects Marks and Davis. Zach Ralston gets spun trying to avoid by Robert Mitten.

Restart 8 to go Bowman gets a good jump on Enfinger.

7 to go Rogers and Jones side-by-side for fifth

6 to go Bowman leads Enfinger, Boat, Kimmel

5 to go Rogers clears Jones for fifth. Spencer Gallagher and Eric Jones make contact battling for sixth.

Caution 4 to go Gallagher spins Jones off of turn two. Gallagher apologizes on his radio, saying it wasn’t on purpose.

Green-White-Checkered finish.

2 to go Bowman leads Enfinger and Boat while Kimmel and Rogers battle for fourth.

White flag Rogers clears Kimmel for fourth, off to try to pass Boat for third.

Alex Bowman wins, ahead of Enfinger, Boat, Rogers, Kimmel, Hackenbracht, Lofton, Gallagher, Reed and Mitchell. Lofton gets turned around after the checkered flag by Ryan Reed.