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Donovan Price to Raise Money for Breast Cancer while racing Legend

How would you like the opportunity to do something you love, while doing something to help other people? That is exactly what Donovan Price is doing. For his 2013 racing season, he will be racing in the Legends series across Ontario while raising money for breast cancer awareness.

“I decided to give back to the fans that have supported local short track racing and what better way to do it by racing for a cause – breast cancer,” Price said. ”One in nine women have a chance in their life to be effected by this so every Saturday night of racing, there are fans in the stands that have been effected by this one way or another.”

The goal is to raise money to help researchers find a cure so we can lower that number. Price has also been affected by breast cancer personally, as he knows two ladies that have had cancer and what they went through.

The idea came about when Price thought about painting his legend pink.

“You don’t see to many hot pink race cars on the track every weekend but I’m a bit of a goof ball so it suits me,” Price jokes. “I also tape my hockey stick with pink hockey tape and people always tell me ‘only Donovan can get away with it’. I also am trying to get a pink racing suit; nothing like a 6″2 250 lbs guy wearing a pink driver suit.”

Price has been in contact with the Canadian Breast Cancer foundation, receiving approval for the idea. The Canadian Breast Cancer foundation will be posting a page on their website about it, while being supportive to Price in his goal.

Price is set on raising over $5000 and if he can get enough sponsorship money, he will donate his winnings as well. Currently, he has five sponsors, but is looking for more as racing isn’t cheap and the more money he gets, the more he will be donating to charity. 50% of the sponsorship money goes to the racecar, while the other 50% goes directly to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

Beyond collecting sponsorship money, when he races at Peterborough Speedway, they are letting him put donation jars at the gates to raise money. He will also be selling t-shorts with 100% of the proceeds going to breast cancer research.

“I figure if I can get enough media exposure on this neat way of raising money, people will donate more money and more companies will come forward and help me reach my goals and maybe raise more than $5000,” Price said.

With 12 years of racing experience, Price is hoping that it equals to success on the track while raising over $5000 for research.

Fans can follow Donovan Price’s progress by following him on twitter @donovanprice and by liking his ’96 Racing’ facebook page (

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