Saturday, October 16, 2021

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Brandon Watson Wins Rain Shorted OSCAAR Super Late Velocity 250 Feature

When the skies opened up at Sunset Speedway on lap 20, it’d be Brandon Watson picking up the win as he was the leader at the time. It marks the third win at Sunset this year for the current point leader.

Dwayne Baker won the first heat ahead of Jeff Hanley, Brandon Watson, Jeff Dunford, Ian Bourque, Ed Bowlby and Craig Stevenson. J.R. Fitzpatrick got the blackflag due to smoking.

The second heat saw a caution when Glenn Watson spun Shane Gowan in turn four on lap two. Brad Cororan picked up the win ahead of Derrike Tiemersma, Tyler Hawn, Watson, Jim Bowman and Gowan.

The third and final heat went to Jesse Kennedy ahead of Andrew Gresel, Mike Beyore, Gary Passer, Brent McLean and Quinn Misener.

Come feature time, Derrike Tiemersma started pole ahead of Jeff Hanley, Dwayne Baker, Brad Corcoran, Jesse Kennedy, Andrew Gresel, Jeff Dunford, Brandon Watson, Tyler Hawn, Mike Beyore, Cory Jones, Gary Passer, Brent McLean, Glenn Watson, Ian Bourque, Ed Bowlby, Jim Bowman, Shane Gowan, J.R. Fitzpatrick, Craig Stevenson and Quinn Misener.

Right away there’d be a caution on the opening lap as Stevenson went around in turn four.

On the restart, Hanley pulled ahead with the lead while Corcoran and Tiemersma ran side-by-side for second. Corcoran was able to clear Tiemersma on lap five, leaving Tiemersma to run side-by-side with Gresel for third till the second caution at lap six for Dunford spinning un turn one.

On the restart, Hanley continued to lead ahead of Tiemersma while Corcoran and Brandon Watson ran side-by-side for third till the caution at lap 12 for Bowlby spinning in turn four. With 38 laps to go, Hanley led Tiemersma, Brandon Watson, Corcoran, Gresel, Baker, Glenn Watson, Beyore, Passer, Hawn, Jones, Bourque, Dunford and Fitzpatrick.

On the restart, Tiemersma grabbed the lead from Hanley before the next caution flew at lap 14 for Misener and Bowman coming together on the front stretch, collecting Kennedy with them.

On the restart, Tiemersma led while Hanley and Brandon Watson battled for second. Watson would grab second and get alongside Tiemersma for the lead on lap 17 when the caution then flew for Gresel spinning. Under the caution, Baker head down pit road due to the hood starting to come up slightly. With 33 laps to go, Brandon Watson led Tiemersma, Hanley, Glenn Watson, Corcoran, Passer, Beyore, Hawn, Jones and Bourque.

There’d be another caution on the restart as Bowlby went for a spin.

The second restart would be a go with Brandon Watson pulling ahead of Tiemersma and Glenn Watson, however the skies would open up and result in the caution flying at lap 20. With the rain not stopping, the race would be called and Brandon Watson would get the win ahead of Derrike Tiemerma, Glenn Watson, Jeff Hanley and Gary Passer.

Due to the race not being halfway before the call to end it early, everybody will get a flat 50 points in the standings rather than the points for their position.

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