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Ford Kansas NNS Post Race Quotes

Ford Racing NNS Notes & Quotes:
Kansas Lottery 300 (Kansas  Speedway)
NNS Post Race Quotes
Saturday, October 5, 2013BRAD KESELOWSKI, No. 22 Discount Tire Ford Mustang –WHAT HAPPENED BETWEEN YOU AND KYLE BUSCH OUT THERE?  “I got wrecked by a dirty driver. There is no other way of putting it. He is cool with that. I have raced him really cool over the last year to be respectful to him and try to repair our relationship. I’ve watched him wreck my trucks and cost him from winning race. He put me in the fence in Chicago in the truck race and the Nationwide races he has been pulling this crap. It is not gonna last I can tell you that. I feel bad for the guys next to me that are going to have to fix his stuff. That is going to be part of racing and they are going to have to deal with it.”TREVOR BAYNE, No. 6 Cargill/Sam’s Club Ford Mustang – “It was really crazy out there. We had a super fast car and I think we ran out of fuel there. We were running sixth and we just ran out of fuel I believe. We don’t know for sure yet. Our car was so fast and every time we would make ground and get toward the front something else would happen. I messed up on pit road and sped the last segment and got a penalty and Mike made great strategy to get up back up there then we went in one and two and got wrecked by the 54. He sent me up the race track. I think he got loose and slid up. It almost happened with me and the 18 when we were leading. It is unfortunate for our team to have this fast of a race car and not be able to capitalize.”YOU WEREN’T THE ONLY FORD WITH A ISSUE WITH THE 54 TODAY. “I didn’t see what happened with the 22 and 54. In terms of my deal, I think he was just racing hard. His car wasn’t as dominant as it usually is so I am sure he was probably frustrated by that but I think it is hard racing.”

SAM HORNISH JR., No. 12 Alliance Truck Parts Ford Mustang – “We got all the yellow’s when we didn’t need them and didn’t get any when we needed them. Our Alliance Truck Parts Ford Mustang was good and I felt like we worked our way to the front a couple of times. Whether it was somebody spinning coming off pit road that put us a lap down, then we took the wave around to get back up there. It was one of those days. We were racing hard at the end and we freed up the car a little too much. I asked them to free it up and then I ended up getting into the wall because of it. That is my bad. It could have been a lot worse than what it was I guess.”

DO YOU FEEL FORTUNATE FROM A POINTS PERSPECTIVE WITH THE WAY THE DAY WAS? “Yeah, I figured when I came off the wall that it would be smoking and we would have a tire down. The fact that we salvaged something out of it is not too bad. It isn’t what we wanted but we will keep our heads down and keep working hard. I feel like we have plenty of speed it just wasn’t our day.”

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