Ryan Babin wins Autumn Colours Classic Mini Stock Feature

Photo Credit: Ashley McCubbin/OnPitRoad.com

Ryan Babin would get by teammate Ryan Oosterhault to win the Autumn Colours Classic Mini Stock 50 lap feature on Monday.

Ryan Oosterholt started pole after winning the Chase for the Colours event earlier this year, alongside Doug Butler. Babin started third followed by Casey Cavannah, Chance Isherwood, Miles Tyson, Warren Paxton, Dave Bailey, Dean Curry, Brandt Graham, Corcoran, John Vandyk, Mike Gettliffe, Kyle Baker, Brandon McFerran, Tyler Junkin, Peter Moore, Charlie Smith, Bob Tolton, Billy Swartzenburg, Dan Britt, the 88, Cory Young, Dan Demers, Terry Woodley, Kevin Strutt, the 63 and the 3.

DSCF7972Right off the start, Butler would get sideways, slapping the side of his Nissan 240SX off the outside wall after bouncing off of Chance Isherwood. Butler would be done while Isherwood would head down pit road to the attention of his team.

On the restart, Oosterholt continued to hold the lead ahead of Babin and Cavannah while 2013 Sunset Speedway Champion Warren Paxton had worked his way up to fourth ahead of Corcoran by lap 10. Bailey ran sixth followed by Curry, McFerran, Junkin and Baker. On lap 12, Curry gave up the seventh position to head down pit road as his motor blew up.

The first caution would fly on lap 17 for Britt and Smith getting together. Smith would have a mechanical issue and be done for the event. He had originally not qualified, though got in virtue of Ben Melenhorst having a blown motor following his heat on Saturday.  With 33 laps to go, Oosterholt led Babin, Cavannah, Paxton, Corcoran, Bailey, Junkin, McFerran, Baker, Moore, Vandyk, Graham, Gettliffe, Isherwood, Young, Swartzenburg, Demers, the 88, Woodley, Strutt, the 63, Tolton and Britt.

Oosterholt would hold the advantage on the restart, though on lap 27, Babin would be able to slip by Oosterholt and takeDSCF8031 the lead. Cavannah also slipped by Oosterholt to move up into the second position. Junkin, meanwhile, had moved up to fourth ahead of Baker, Moore, McFerran, Bailey, Paxton, Corcoran, Gettliffe, Young and Swartzenburg.

The second caution would fly on lap 40 for Young spinning. With 10 laps to go, Babin led Cavannah, Oosterholt, Junkin, Baker, Moore, Bailey, Paxton, McFerran, Corcoran, Gettliffe, Graham, Isherwood, Tolton, the 88, Swartzenburg, Demers, Woodley and Young.

On the restart, Cavannah would run into mechanical problems.

Over the course of the final 10 laps, Ryan Babin was able to open up the advantage and take the win ahead of Tyler Junkin, Kyle Baker, Ryan Oosterholt and Warren Paxton. Brandon McFerran finished sixth followed by Corcoran, Peter Moore, Dave Bailey and Mike Gettiffe. Billy Swartzenburg finished 11th followed by Bob Tolton, Brandt Graham, Chance Isherwood, Dan Demers, the 63, Terry Woodley and Kevin Strutt.

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