Monday, September 20, 2021

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Wingo Track Champion After Controversial Final Laps; Mark Day Wins Guitar

Saturday night’s attention was surrounded by the All American 400, but the event prior to that saw the Super Late Models take to the track in a heated series finale. Tucker Wingo and 2-time Daytona 500 Champion, Sterling Marlin, competed in a fierce battle at Fairgrounds Speedway in Nashville Speedway for the track championship.

Sterling had shot his way through the field to a top-five running position late in the going and had complete control over the championship until an intense battle with Dillon Oliver. With a simple 25-laps left in the books Oliver over drove his machine into the back of Marlin’s, eventually spinning him, while they were racing for the 5th position.

Sterling avoided contact with the wall and any other racers, luckily. When the field restarted Marlin was mired in the 18th position and was unable to reach the top-ten which allowed Tucker Wingo to steal the track championship while managing a 3rd place finish.

But, what’s short track racing without tempers flaring? After the event two of Marlin’s pit crew members went over to confront Oliver. From my understanding it seems as though only words were thrown between the competitors.

Oliver later explained he got loose going into the corner and slid up into Marlin. Although, 56-year-old Sterling Marlin told a different story expressing about his issues with Oliver in the past and he went on to say congrats to Wingo on the title.

Meanwhile, Mark Day was enjoying his win in the Super Late Models. The win marked the second straight year that Day has enjoyed a win in the event prior to the All American 400.

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