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KANSAS CITY, Kan. (Jan. 6, 2013) – Ensuring the safety and security of tens of thousands of fans and competitors isn’t an easy task at any sports venue across the country, but it is definitely a top priority. In NASCAR racing, it continues to be an evolving process as NASCAR works to provide exciting racing while also working with tracks to keep drivers safe on the track and to ensure the safety of fans in the stands.Today, NASCAR recognized Kansas Speedway’s Jean Ann Bowman (Event Operations and Logistics Manager) with the Award of Excellence in striving to meet these criteria.

“Jean Ann has done a great job managing our security operations, as well guest services,” said Kansas Speedway President Patrick Warren. “When we hosted the first national sporting event following the Boston Marathon Bombing last year, there was an obvious concern about safety and emergency preparedness.  Managing security at events as large as a NASCAR race requires close coordination between Kansas Speedway and local, state, and federal law enforcement.  We are very fortunate to have someone as dedicated and committed as Jean Ann leading our security team.”

Bowman has a unique background in sales, event management, guest services and security which brings a fresh look and approach to the security functions at Kansas Speedway. She works closely with local and national law enforcement agencies to ensure that the best resources, latest technologies and training are in place to protect fans, staff, visitors and competitors at all events held at Kansas Speedway each year. She joined the Kansas Speedway team in 2006 as part of the sales and marketing department before shifting to event operations and logistics in 2010. Prior to joining Kansas Speedway’s staff, Bowman worked at Michigan International Speedway and at Sprint.

A limited number of tickets for Kansas Speedway’s 2014 events, including Kansas Speedway’s first NASCAR Sprint Cup Series night race, are currently on sale. To purchase season tickets or single event tickets, call 866-460-RACE (7223) or visit www.kansasspeedway.com.

Parking is always free at Kansas Speedway and fans can bring in one 14x14x14-inch soft-sided cooler with their favorite food and beverages.

Fans can follow Kansas Speedway on Facebook at www.facebook.com/kansasspeedway or follow us on Twitter (@kansasspeedway).


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