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The Canadian Racing Season Begins February 7, 8, & 9, 2014 at Toronto’s International Centre

(TORONTO, ON // JANUARY 13, 2014) Quick, fun to drive and a great value for the money, the Radical Sports Car line is a racing phenomenon, with worldwide sales over the past decade now exceeding 1600 units.

Originally conceived as a lightweight, two-seater sportscar destined for club racers and track day drivers, the relative low cost and simple design of the various models has garnered wide spread enthusiasm from their owners and an increased presence at race tracks around the world.


“When it comes to ‘performance per dollar,’ nothing can touch the Radical,” declared Robert Burgess, driver of the #83 Radical SR-3. “They’re fast. They handle like a dream, and they look great, too.”


Since 2013, Burgess has been the exclusive Canadian distributor for Radical Cars. To kick off his 2014 promotional campaign, he will once again have a display at the Canadian Motorsports Expo Powered by Inside Track Motorsport News. The 8th Annual CME takes place February 7, 8 & 9 at Toronto’s International Centre, across from Pearson International Airport.


Following the global Radical model, Burgess and Radical Canada not only sell the cars, but also handle parts sales, car service and car rental programs.


“We’re just getting started, so we need to increase the interest, and continue to promote the brand during the off-season,” explained Burgess. “That’s why the Canadian Motorsports Expo is so important to us.”


Burgess continued, “It allows us the keep up the exposure when the tracks are closed. And the timing is perfect. A lot of drivers are finalizing their plans, and if they decide to race a Radical, we can talk to them at the Expo, and have them in a new car before the first race of the season.”


The popularity of the Radical make has resulted in several single-marque championships arising throughout Europe, the UK, Australia and the United States. Following that precedent, in 2013 Burgess created the Radical Canada Cup, a ‘series within a series’ competing in CASC-Ontario Region Formula Libre events.


“We’re very pleased with the number of entrants we had in 2013, and it was just the beginning,” concluded Burgess. “It was just announced that we will have our own races and podiums for the 2014 CASC-OR season. I think this shows that we’re heading in the right direction with the Radical and the Radical Canada Cup. This year’s CME will give us an opportunity to really show off what we have to offer.”


ABOUT RADICAL CARS CANADA: As the exclusive distributor for Radical Cars Canada, Robert Burgess can offer a first-hand description of the qualities of the model, as he drove his SR-3 to the inaugural Radical Canada Cup championship in 2013. Details regarding the car, specifications and plans for the upcoming season can be found on the website, on Facebook (, or by calling (416) 420-0057.


ABOUT THE CME: The 8th Annual Canadian Motorsports Expo Powered by Inside Track Motorsport News takes place February 7, 8 & 9, 2014 at Toronto’s International Centre, adjacent to Pearson International Airport. The show features motorsport content geared to racers, fans and automotive enthusiasts. NASCAR Sprint Cup racer Ryan Newman will be at the CME on Saturday, February 8. For information about the show, including news, exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities, call (416) 962-7223, or email The CME’s website is located at

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