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(TORONTO, ON // JANUARY 23, 2014) This year’s Canadian Motorsports Expo Presented by Inside Track Motorsport News will mark the eighth consecutive year that Mobil 1 will be an exhibitor at Canada’s only motorsports-oriented trade and fan show. The CME takes place February 7, 8 & 9 in Hall 5 at the International Centre, across from Toronto’s Pearson Airport.

“Right from the beginning, we saw the potential of this show,” said David Swain, Mobil 1’s Grassroots Motorsport Coordinator. “TheCME brings together all the players in the Canadian motorsports scene, including track owners, racers and the companies that produce and sell the products the racers use, such as Mobil 1.”


Swain continued, “Each year we have been able to connect directly with the people who count in the motorsport community. These are the people who use our products and can share their experiences and ask questions to learn more.”


Throughout the years, the Mobil 1 booth at the CME has featured a wide variety of vehicles representing the diverse Canadian motorsport scene, including stock cars, sprint cars, sports cars and even an 1800 HP diesel pulling truck. The common feature of all of them, however, is that they’ve relied on Mobil 1 products. Mobil 1 oils can deliver crucial advantages to your engines, in terms of long oil life, reduced fuel consumption and wear, quicker cold starts, and cleaner, longer-lasting engines.


For more than 30 years, ExxonMobil has collaborated with some of the top motorsports teams in the world. This enables the company to test its products in some of the harshest, most demanding environments, and to use this experience to develop the next generation of high performance lubricants.


Mobil 1 Racing oil technology has been developed using the company’s extensive experience in premier automotive racing series and events around the world, including Formula 1, NASCAR, IndyCar, NHRA, Formula 3, SCCA GT, ALMS and many others.


The variety of demands that each racing series requires of a lubricant helps them to ensure that Mobil 1 Racing oils can meet the more extreme conditions encountered on the race track.


“Mobil 1 is a ‘day one’ supporter of the Canadian Motorsports Expo, and for that we are extremely grateful,” said show co-promoter Rob Morton. “The company is involved in a wide variety of racing series – including the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series Presented by Mobil 1 – because they are valuable proving grounds for their products. As well, Mobil 1’s participation in motorsport offers the company great exposure to racers and fans who care about what they put into their vehicles, whether they’re competing on the race track, or driving on the street.”


ABOUT MOBIL 1™: Mobil 1 is one of the most widely known and trusted performance brands in the world, especially when it comes to producing superior, technologically advanced products for motorists who want the very best. Mobil 1 is the world’s leading synthetic motor oil. For more information, visit


ABOUT THE CME: The 8th Annual Canadian Motorsports Expo Powered by Inside Track Motorsport News takes place February 7, 8 & 9, 2014 at Toronto’s International Centre, adjacent to Pearson International Airport. The show features motorsport content geared to racers, fans and automotive enthusiasts. NASCAR Sprint Cup racer Ryan Newman will be at the CME on Saturday, February 8. For information about the show, including news, exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities, call (416) 962-7223, or email The CME’s website is located at

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