Sunday, September 19, 2021

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2013 Flamboro Speedway Late Model Champion: Shawn Chenoweth

Last year, Shawn Chenoweth had one of the most successful Pro Late Model seasons, winning the Flamboro Speedway Championship and the Beat the Heat 150 at Sauble Speedway.

“It wasn’t as good as other years but there’s always room for improvement,” he commented. “We missed some of the big ones but we’re going to be shooting for them this year.”

Chenoweth will return to Flamboro this year to try and back up his championship. Flamboro has switched it up a little this year, doing a mini-series with Delaware Speedway.

“It’s definitely a good deal,” Chenoweth commented. “Delaware guys have always supported Flamboro but not vise versa so it’ll be nice to go and run there.”

Chenoweth did go to Delaware last year for a race and based on that, he stated, “We’re all in trouble. We’re going to have to go to the drawing board.”

Beyond that, Chenoweth plans to run all of the Pro Late Model invitationals while fielding a Thunder Car for his dad at Flamboro. Chenoweth will then take that car and run some of the TC invitationals.

For his success last year, Chenoweth was honored as part of the Canadian Motorsports Expo Short Track Night of Champions and was ranked fourth on the Inside Track Year End Short Track Power Rankings presented by London Recreational.

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