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Sebastian Saavedra looking forward to season with KV AFS Racing

Sebastian Saavedra heads into the new season with KV AFS Racing, and all the deal all started coming together in the air.

“Together with Jimmy Vasser, we got stuck on a flight going on our way to Toronto,” Saavedra recalls. “We were side-by-side speaking for everything, future plans.  Since then everything start to move forward.”

The opportunity to work at KVSH Racing will reunite the Columbian with Gary Peterson.

“Well, it’s something that has been in the works for a while now,” he commented. “When I came from Europe in 2009, Gary was pretty much like my second dad, having my first dad present here of course. We built a very strong relationship.  He took me below his wing to develop me inside his driving development program.  We come through since then.  Last year, of course, having a great sponsor.  Dragon Racing was one year we got slightly separated.  As soon as the season was over, we wanted to continue the great path we have.”

Saavedra found out that he would not return to Dragon Racing late in the season and admit there was some nerves about being able to find a ride.

“But at the end I think I knew I was in the hands of great people and that things were going to come through, the question was when.  It came right at the time that we were expecting,” he commented.

Saavedra got his break in IndyCar at a young age, running the Indianapolis 500 for the first time at the age of 19.

“I think that first time, maybe being young, it was everything a bit too overwhelming, not understanding where I was in.  But the second time everything becomes so clear and so real,” he commented.

Though after the first year didn’t go well, Saavedra went back to the Indy Lights Series in 2012 and feels that it was teh best option for him at the time for the purpose of learning. Saavedra returned full-time to the IndyCar Series in 2013, scoring a pair of top 10 finishes with Dragon Racing. Now with a new team for 2014, he is ready to improve on those results.

“I’ve been blessed to be able to do this for a while now,” he commented. “It’s something that makes me very proud to be around this great series, seeing its development throughout the years.”

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