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Tracking the Short Tracks: Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup driver Tim Tolton

A racing veteran, Tim Tolton has competed in a variety of different forms of racing over the years from late models to outlaw modifieds to the Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup Series. Heading into the season, Tolton is fully prepared to tackle yet another busy season of racing as he will be running full-time in the Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup Series, as well as the majority of the Outlaw Modified schedule.

While getting ready for everything that has to offer, Tolton tackled the 15 questions that been the common theme for this series.


1. How’d you get started in racing?

My brother had a welding truck and did welding jobs on race cars in the pits at Flamboro Speedway in the early 80’s. I went with him to help a few times and that was enough to make me want to try it and soon after I started my first endurance race.

2. First racing memory

My first racing memory was my aunt taking me to Flamboro Speedway when I was quite young, I have no idea what year it was and I don’t remember any of the cars or drivers but I do remember going to the races.

3. If you could be sponsored by any beverage, which would you want to be sponsored by?

Well any beverage sponsor would be good as long as their colour is black.

4. Story behind your car number

No. 35 was chosen years ago by the man who helped me get my start in racing “Big Bad Bob” Wilson he is no longer with us but the number still is.

No. 3 of course comes from my favorite driver Dale Earnhardt. When a deal was made to drive a friend’s race car, he wanted me to use the No. 3 but I didn’t want to. So I came up with the perfect plan and told him if he got permission from Richard Childress Racing I would use it and the colours. Well he did and I had to hold my end of the deal and reluctantly started using No 3.

5. If you have a nickname, what is it and why? If not, what do you think should be a good nickname?

I have been given the nickname the inTIMidator by the announcer for the Sportsman Cup Series and just like using No. 3, I really didn’t like until I saw it spelled with my actual name in capitals; now I like it.

6. If you could race against any NASCAR driver, who and why?

Without a doubt it would be Dale Earnhardt and I probably don’t need to tell why.

7. What’s your life like outside of racing? Hobbies?

I guess my hobby is work, everything else is racing.

8. If you were an animal, what animal would you be?

I would want to be a horse I guess because then I could race.

9. Favourite pizza topping

My favorite pizza topping would be french fries…without the pizza. I don’t like pizza.

10. Dream vacation spot

Daytona Beach

11. If you were stuck on an island, what would you have to have?

I would have to have cars. What better way to pass time than working on cars?

12. Favourite book

I don’t have a favorite book. I read to learn; I don’t read for enjoyment.

13. Favourite movie

I don’t have a favorite movie but the one I’ve seen the most is Days of Thunder. If I watch a movie, it needs to be a comedy.

14. Favourite piece of technology

My favorite piece of technology would be a computer unless it’s part of a car; cars shouldn’t have computers.

15. Sponsors/people you’d like to thank

I would like to thank New Generation Wood Products for their support, Engines from Hal, Pioneer Transmission in Guelph, Amsoil, Outlaw modified car owner Brian Dean, Scott Marvin for getting me involved in the Sportsman Series and all of my crew, friends and family that have stood behind me through years of racing addiction, way too many names to list.


For more information on Tim Tolton, check out his website at


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