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Unprecedented Bounty Offers $1,000 Bonus to Street Stock Drivers on May 10th

CALLAWAY, VA :: Sometimes a driver can get on a roll and is seemingly unbeatable and that’s just the case with Danny Bush at Franklin County Speedway in the Street Stock division.


Bush won the final four races of the 2013 season with a bounty on his head which no one was able to claim.  Now with two wins in a row to start the 2014 season, Franklin County Speedway promoter Langley Austin feels it’s time to see if anyone can beat Bush.


“Danny is on a roll,” said Austin.  “His car is hooked up and I’m not sure anyone can beat him here. He’s got as many laps around this track as anyone I can think of and in the same division all those years.  I’m ready to see what this regions Street Stock drivers have and see who if anyone can beat him at his home track.”


Austin said he’s going to offer an unprecedented bounty where a driver could win as much as $1,000 cash by beating Bush in the Street Stock feature on Saturday May 10th.


“We’ve seen bounties of all kinds of amounts over the years but I think we’ve got one here that’s bigger than any that’s been offered before, at least for a Street Stock. Can you imagine a Street Stock driver getting a $1,000 bonus?  It could be one of the biggest paydays for a Street Stock driver.”


Franklin County Speedway will offer a car count based incremental bounty to any driver who can beat Bush on Saturday May 10th.  $200 will be offered no matter the car count with additional money available for larger car counts starting at 12 cars.  With at least 12 cars the bounty will increase to $350 or $500 for car counts larger than 15 cars.  20 cars will increase the bounty to $650, 25 cars $800 or $1,000 for 30 or more cars.


“If Street Stock guys can’t get excited about this, someone needs to check their pulse,” said Austin of the bounty money available.  “That’s a lot of money for a division that at most tracks only pay $200 or close to that to win.  There’s $200 guaranteed just in bonus money no matter what the car count is.”


Bounty rules will apply for this event.  Qualifying will determine the starting order for the race with no invert and no handicap for the previous winner. Bush can’t be wrecked or intentional slowed and must finish the race competitively for the bounty to be paid.


Additionally Bush can win the bounty himself if he chooses to start at the rear of the field.  For the bounty to be available to Bush, the field must start at least 12 cars.  Bush can choose to start at the rear of the field and collect half the offered bounty money if the field is less than 12 cars.


“No matter what this is going to bring some excitement back to one of the best divisions of racing at any track,” concluded Austin.  “The Street Stocks are usually the show of the day or night at most tracks and we’re sure up to $1,000 could make for an even more exciting night of action on May 10th.”


Franklin County Speedway will host its first night race of the 2014 season on Saturday May 10th at 7pm with the Old Dominion Auto Salvage Pick-N-Save 200.  The race night not only features this unprecedented Street Stock bounty but it also will feature the Moonshine Classic Vintage Nationals and an appearance by ‘Tickle’ from the Moonshiners TV Show.


For more information visit or like us on Facebook at “Franklin County Speedway – Moonshine Capital Promotions” or call/text 276.613.4208 or email

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