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OPR Staff and Fan Fantasy Picks for NCWT and NSCS at Kansas Speedway

From the wild gambles of the high-banks of Talladega Superspeedway to the sunflower state in Kansas Speedway. While the drivers search for victory lane, our pickers search for the keys to success as it marks the first week for most of them doing NASCAR Camping World Truck Series picks.

Will they have success like Dorthy did finding the Wizard of Oz, or will they need to see the wizard for some help with their picks?


NASCAR Camping World Truck Series

Managing Editor: Ashley McCubbin
Pick #1 – Matt Crafton —
Known as Mr. Consistancy, Crafton is certain to run up front this weekend at Kansas Speedway and contend for the win. Kansas may not have a yellow brick road, but Crafton’s yellow truck should travel the right path.
Pick #2 – Kyle Busch — Anytime Mr. Busch runs a truck race, he is in contention to win. Need I say more?

NASCAR Hometracks Journalist: Marshall Gabell did not submit his picks this week so we will be using the choices that he had back at Martinsville before we started counting points officially. Marshal had Timothy Peters and Erik Jones. Jones will be swapped out for Busch as they have switched driving seats this weekend. See Stiles explanation as to why these two could work out well for him. 

Journalist Name -Tayler Stiles
Pick 1 – Timothy Peter – Timothy Peter is leading the points in the truck series. After finishing consecutively in the top ten in the first two races, Peters has been consistent. Expect him to be strong this weekend.
Pick 2 – Kyle Busch – No matter what series he is racing in, Kyle Busch races his heart out and likes to win. Known to show his temper, expect Kyle Busch to be noticed one way or another at Kansas this weekend.

NASCAR Journalist: Kreistina Blinova
Picks: Ron Hornaday Jr. and Matt Crafton
Ashley’s Comments: 
Hornaday was part of the memorable finish that took place a couple years ago so look for Hornaday to try and repeat that performance.

Photographer: Ronald Costigan
Picks: Matt Crafton and Kyle Busch Journalist: Justin Tucker
Picks: Matt Crafton and Kyle Busch

Fan #1: Terry Wagner
Picks:  Matt Crafton and Johnny Sauter

Fan #2: Christina Cordner
Picks: Ryan Blaney and Matt Crafton

Fan #3: Billy Stiles Jr.
Picks:  Hornaday and Kennedy

Fan #4: Billy Zardo has not sent in any Truck picks so we will not be able to count for her if none are received. To keep him in the running in the combined standings, we will give him the lowest total.

Fan #5: Robert Hill
Picks: Jeb Burton and Kyle Busch

*NEW PLAYER* Fan #6: Joni Stiles
Picks: Kyle Busch and Ron Hornaday


Sprint Cup Series Picks

Managing Editor: Ashley McCubbin
Pick #1 – Kevin Harvick – 
Harvick has been strong on every track this season so far. With his luck supposedly sorted out, look for Harvick to run upfront and contend for the win this weekend as he’s “freaky fast”.
Pick #2 – Jeff Gordon – Gordon has ran upfront all year so far on the big tracks and why should this weekend be different? After all, he won the inaugural race at the track.
Pick #3 – Jimmie Johnson – Johnson has been in contention to win throughout the year. So when will six-time break through? Boom! This weekend as the track is right up his alley.

NASCAR Hometracks Journalist: Marshall Gabell did not send in his picks. Per pick policy, we will use his picks from Talladega – Michael Waltrip, Jamie McMurray and Ryan Truex. However, Waltrip is not in this race so he will be replaced by Gabell’s first Richmond pick – Marcos Ambrose.

Journalist Name – Tayler Stiles
Pick 1 – Kevin Harvick – Harvick has been incredibly strong this year. With two years, and multiple other chances that he potentially could have won, Harvick has had a stellar season with a stellar team. Expect Harvick to be a contender at Kansas.
Pick 2 – Kyle Larson – Picking a rookie is risky, but this kid is bound to one a race here soon, and why not at Kansas this weekend? Consistency and strategy have been Larson’s best friend this year, and I don’t expect it to end at Kansas.
Pick 3 – Denny Hamlin – Denny Hamlin is coming off the second ultimate high that NASCAR can give you. A win. Expect Hamlin to be strong and consistent heading into Kansas.

NASCAR Journalist: Kreistina Blinova
Picks: Jeff Gordon, Matt Kenseth and Jimmie Johnson

Photographer: Ronald Costigan
Pick #1 – Jeff Gordon – 
In 16 starts at Kansas, Gordon has two wins, nine top-fives and 11 top-10s.
Pick #2 – Dale Earnhardt Jr. – Earnhardt has been consistent all season this year and has ran upfront on the big ovals this season. Look for that trend to continue as he tries to bounce back from Dega disappointment.
Pick #3 – Kyle Busch – Kyle Busch has only two tops 10s at Kansas in 13 starts, but look for that to change as he tries to turn his luck around this year. Journalist: Justin Tucker
Picks: Matt Kenseth, Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson

Fan #1: Terry Wagner
Picks: Carl Edwards, Clint Bowyer and Brad Keselowski

Fan #2: Christina Cordner
Picks: Matt Kenseth, Clint Bowyer and Jeff Gordon

Fan #3: Billy Stiles Jr.
Picks: Kevin Harvick, Kyle Larson and Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Fan #4: Billy Zardo
Billy did not file his picks, so his Richmond picks were used for sake of keeping everybody in the game. For that reason, Zardo’s picks are Brad Keselowski, Joey Logano and Kyle Busch

Fan #5: Robert Hill
Picks:  Clint Bowyer, Kevin Harvick and Kyle Busch

Fan #6: Joni Stiles
Picks: Tony Stewart, Jimmie Johnson and Joey Logano


Camping World Truck Series Points

No points have been totaled at all this year so everybody is tied with 0!


Nationwide Series Points:

Those who missed the first four events received an automatic value that is 10 points minus the lowest scored participant.

  1. Ashley McCubbin –390+124=514
  2. Ronald Costigan –368+96=464
  3. Tayler Stiles –371+90=461
  4. Billy Zardo –346+95=441
  5. Terry Wagner –357+83=440
  6. Billy Stiles Jr. – 345+90=435
  7. Christina Cordner –349+81=430
  8. Robert Hill – 309+115=424
  9. Marshall Gabell –319+103=422
  10. Justin Tucker –319+90=409
  11. Kreistina Blinova – 309+90=399
  12. Joni Stiles – 389
Name Race Participated Wins Top 5 Top 10
Marshall Gabell 4 0 6 10
Tayler Stiles 4 2 7 10
Ashley McCubbin 4 4 10 12
Ronald Costigan 3 3 6 7
Terry Wagner 3 1 5 7
Christina Cordner 3 0 4 5
Billy Zardo 3 1 5 6
Billy Stiles Jr. 3 1 3 7
Justin Tucker 2 0 3 4
Kreistina Blinova 1 0 1 1
Robert Hill 1 0 2 3

Sprint Cup Points
Those who missed the first four events received an automatic value that is 10 points minus the lowest scored participant.

  1. Ashley McCubbin – 267+78=345
  2. Billy Stiles Jr. – 253+81=334
  3. Tayler Stiles – 253+77=330
  4. Ronald Costigan – 267+47=314
  5. Terry Wagner – 256+50=306
  6. Billy Zardo – 253+53=306
  7. Marshall Gabell – 252+47=299
  8. Christina Cordner – 227+47=274
  9. Justin Tucker – 201+48=249
  10. Robert Hill – 91+87=178
  11. Kreistina Blinova – 91+47=138
  12. Joni Stiles – 128
Name Race Participated Wins Top 5 Top 10
Marshall Gabell 4 0 1 4
Tayler Stiles 4 1 4 5
Ashley McCubbin 4 0 4 6
Ronald Costigan 3 0 3 4
Terry Wagner 3 0 2 5
Billy Zardo 3 1 3 4
Christina Cordner 3 0 2 3
Billy Stiles Jr. 3 0 3 5
Justin Tucker 2 0 1 1
Kreistina Blinova 1 0 0 0
Robert Hill 1 0 0 2


 Note: Those who missed the first four weeks received an automatic value that is 10 points minus the lowest scored participant.

  1. Ashley McCubbin – 657+124+78=859
  2. Ronald Costigan – 657+96+47=800
  3. Tayler Stiles – 624+90+77=791
  4. Billy Stiles Jr. –620+90+81=791
  5. Billy Zardo – 621+95+53=769
  6. Terry Wagner – 635+83+50=768
  7. Robert Hill – 561+115+87=763
  8. Christina Cordner – 598+81+47=726
  9. Marshall Gabell – 571+103+47=721
  10. Justin Tucker –575+90+48=713
  11. Kreistina Blinova – 561+90+47=698
  12. Joni Stiles – 688
Name Race Participated Wins Top 5 Top 10
Marshall Gabell 8 0 7 14
Tayler Stiles 8 3 11 14
Ashley McCubbin 8 4 14 18
Ronald Costigan 6 3 9 11
Terry Wagner 6 1 7 12
Christina Cordner 6 0 6 8
Billy Zardo 6 2 8 10
Billy Stiles Jr. 6 1 7 12
Justin Tucker 4 0 4 5
Kriestina Blinova 2 0 1 1
Robert Hill 2 0 2 5

PICKERS: Due to the odd start this year with people joining at different times, we will declare a CHAMPION at the end of May – basically titled the Spring Fantasy Pick ‘Em Champion for each section and then reset the points to give everybody a clean slate to get after it.

Rules for Kansas

PICKERS are asked to choose three drivers for the Sprint Cup Series and two drivers for the Camping World Truck Series. If you want to play, send picks to

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