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OPR Staff and Fan Fantasy Picks for NCWTS, NSCS and NNS at Charlotte and Iowa

This weekend marks a busy weekend for NASCAR as there is a pair of races for the Sprint Cup Series, a Camping World Truck Series event and a Nationwide Series event. Needless to say, everybody will be busy with the action going on.


NASCAR Camping World Truck Series @ Charlotte Motor Speedway

After delivering the action last weekend, the trucks return home to Charlotte Motor Speedway this weekend for their fourth event of the 2014 season.

Managing Editor: Ashley McCubbin
Pick #1: Kyle Busch – 
Anytime Mr. Busch runs a truck race, he is in contention to win. Need I say more?
Pick #2: Matt Crafton – Known as Mr. Consistancy, Crafton is certain to run up front this weekend as he did at Charlotte. 

NASCAR Home Tracks Journalist Marshall Gabell
Picks: Kyle Busch and Brad Keselowski
Ashley’s Comments: Kyle Busch is an easy selection for anybody to choose – stats alone. Keselowski has shown speed in each race that he has ran in the series as he still searches for his first win as a driver/truck owner. Could that happen tonight? Quite possibly. His trucks have shown speed all year this year, too, as Logano was fast last weekend.

NASCAR Journalist Tayler Stiles
Picks: Brad Keselowski and Kyle Busch

NASCAR Journalist Kreistina Blinova
Picks: Matt Crafton and Ron Hornaday
Ashley’s Comments: 
Hornaday has been quick in each start this year with Turner-Scott Motorsports and given he’s a past champion, he’ll be one to watch tonight.

ARCA Journalist: Kyle Magda
Picks: Brad Keselowski and Kyle Busch

Photographer: Ronald Costigan
Picks: Kyle Busch and Matt Crafton Journalist: Justin Tucker
Picks: Kyle Busch and Brad Keselowski

Fan #1: Terry Wagner
Picks: Matt Crafton and Jeb Burton
Ashley’s comments: 
In each start with ThorSport, Burton’s comfort level continues to grow. Look for that trend to continue tonight with great success given that Burton won at Texas Motor Speedway last year.

Fan #2: Christina Cordner
Picks: Timothy Peters and Matt Crafton

Ashley’s comments: Given how Peters has ran this year, that trend should continue this weekend as he looks to bounce back from the luck at Kansas.

Fan #3: Billy Stiles Jr.
Picks: Ben Kennedy and Ron Hornaday

Ashley’s comments: Even though he’s only a rookie, Kennedy has looked like a veteran in the early events this year as he currently sits eighth in points. Look for Kennedy to post another solid finish as he continues to get used to the trucks.

Fan #4: Billy Zardo has not sent in any Truck picks so we will not be able to count for her if none are received. To keep him in the running in the combined standings, we will give him the lowest total.

Fan #5: Robert Hill
Picks: Kyle Busch and Jeb Burton

Fan #6: Joni Stiles
Picks: Kyle Busch and Johnny Sauter

Truck Series Points

  1. Ashley McCubbin, Justin Tucker and Ronald Costigan – 90
  2. Robert Hill – 86
  3. Kyle Magda and Joni Stiles – 84
  4. Marshall Gabell, Kreistina Blinova and Tayler Stiles – 78
  5. Christina Cordner and Terry Wagner – 65
  6. Billy Stiles Jr – 60
Name Races Participated Wins Top Fives Top 10s
Ashley McCubbin 1 1 2 2
Marshall Gabell 1 1 1 1
Tayler Stiles 1 1 1 1
Kreistina Blinova 1 1 1 2
Ronald Costigan 1 1 2 2
Justin Tucker 1 1 2 2
Kyle Magda 1 1 2 2
Terry Wagner 1 0 1 1
Christina Cordner 1 0 1 1
Billy Stiles Jr. 1 0 0 1
Robert Hill 1 1 1 2
Joni Stiles 1 1 1 2


NASCAR Nationwide Series @ Iowa Speedway

Managing Editor: Ashley McCubbin
Pick #1 – Regan Smith – 
Smith’s consistancy this year has been undeniable as he is solidly finishing inside the top 10 each week. Look for Smith to be top-five this week without the Cup regulars and contend for the win.
Pick #2: Chase Elliott – As the current points leader, Chase Elliott has looked like no rookie out there already this year with a pair of victories. Elliott should be one to watch and possibly win the race as he has proven he can beat the best this year.
Pick #3: Elliott Sadler – Sadler has been quietly consistent so far this year – till his win at Talladega two weeks ago.  Look for Sadler to unquietly contending for the win this week.

NASCAR HomeTracks Journalist: Marshall Gabell
Picks: Chase Elliott, Michael McDowell and Sam Hornish Jr.

Ashley’s comments: In the times that he drove a Joe Gibbs Racing car last year, McDowell was constantly up front so why should that change this year? As far as his teammate Sam Hornish Jr., he showed at Talladega that just because this is a couple race deal, he’s ready to play and win races. Hornish is hoping to run well like he did last year with Penske in hopes of finding a full-time ride in the future.

NASCAR Journalist Tayler Stiles
Picks: Regan Smith, Chase Elliott and Elliott Sadler

NASCAR Journalist Kreistina Blinova
Picks: Jeffrey Earnhardt, Landon Cassill and Elliott Sadler

Ashley’s comments: Both Jeffery and Landon have been getting stronger with each race that they run. If either can finish in the top 10 on Sunday, it’ll certainly be a noteworthy accomplishment for them and their small teams.

ARCA Journalist Kyle Magda
Picks: Trevor Bayne, Sam Hornish Jr. and Chase Elliott
Ashley’s comments: 
Bayne is another driver that has been quietly consistent this year and should continue to be consistent this weekend at Iowa with a top-five finish.

Photographer: Ronald Costigan
Picks: Regan Smith, Chase Elliott and Elliott Sadler Journalist: Justin Tucker
Picks: Sam Hornish Jr., Chase Elliott and Elliott Sadler

Fan #1: Terry Wagner
Picks: Trevor Bayne, Chase Elliott and Ryan Blaney
Ashley’s comments: 
In the limited amount of starts that Blaney has this year, he has finished well at Bristol followed by some rookie mistakes at Talladega. However, he’ll still be one to watch as he has a win in the series already at a young age.

Fan #2: Christina Cordner
Picks: Brian Scott, Trevor Bayne and Chase Elliott

Ashley’s comments: Scott continues to grow as a driver with more starts in the series and has contended for race wins this year so far. With the Cup drivers being out of the picture this week, Scott may sneak through to victory lane.

Fan #3: Billy Stiles Jr.
Picks: Chase Elliott, Regan Smith and Ty Dillon

Ashley’s comments: Ty Dillon has been the quiet ‘rookie’ this year, posting top-10 finishes each week. Look for that trend to continue as he grows more and more comfortable with each race

Fan #4: Billy Zardo did not file picks so we will be using his picks that have been used so far this year –  Ty Dillon, Chase Elliott and Sam Hornish Jr. 

Fan #5: Robert Hill
Picks: Sam Hornish Jr., Michael McDowell and Chase Elliott

Fan #6: Joni Stiles
Picks: Brendan Gaughan, James Buescher and Ryan Reed
Ashley’s comments: 
As a veteran driver, Gaughan is always one to watch as he can sneak in there when you least expect it so he’s definately a solid pick for a top-five finish. Driving for RAB Racing, Buescher has shown speed this year and if he can put the pieces together, he can post a good finish. Reed has the talent – but he needs to make sure that he isn’t too aggressive and stays out of trouble. If the rookie can do so, look for him to post a good finish as well.

Nationwide Series Points:

Those who missed the first four events received an automatic value that is 10 points minus the lowest scored participant.

  1. Ashley McCubbin –390+124=514
  2. Ronald Costigan –368+96=464
  3. Tayler Stiles –371+90=461
  4. Billy Zardo –346+95=441
  5. Terry Wagner –357+83=440
  6. Billy Stiles Jr. – 345+90=435
  7. Christina Cordner –349+81=430
  8. Robert Hill – 309+115=424
  9. Marshall Gabell –319+103=422
  10. Justin Tucker –319+90=409
  11. Kreistina Blinova – 309+90=399
  12. Joni Stiles – 389
Name Race Participated Wins Top 5 Top 10
Marshall Gabell 4 0 6 10
Tayler Stiles 4 2 7 10
Ashley McCubbin 4 4 10 12
Ronald Costigan 3 3 6 7
Terry Wagner 3 1 5 7
Christina Cordner 3 0 4 5
Billy Zardo 3 1 5 6
Billy Stiles Jr. 3 1 3 7
Justin Tucker 2 0 3 4
Kreistina Blinova 1 0 1 1
Robert Hill 1 0 2 3


NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Showdown/All-Star Race @ Charlotte Motor Speedway

With both events being non-points race for the drivers, the pair of races will not count points towards the “Sprint Cup Series” standings or the “Combined” standings. Still, some people submitted who they feel will do well to give you an idea of who to watch.

Managing Editor: Ashley McCubbin
Showdown: Kyle Larson and Clint Bowyer
All-Star Race: Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon and Joey Logano

NASCAR Journalist: Tayler Stiles
Showdown: Clint Bowyer and Kyle Larson

Fan #1: Terry Wagner
Showdown: Marcos Ambrose and Aric Almirola
All-Star Race: Joey Logano, Brad Keselowski and Carl Edwards

Fan #2: Robert Hill
Showdown: Kyle Larson and Casey Mears
All-Star Race: Matt Kenseth, Jimmie Johnson and Brian Vickers


Sprint Cup Points
Those who missed the first four events received an automatic value that is 10 points minus the lowest scored participant.

  1. Ashley McCubbin – 345+127=472
  2. Billy Stiles Jr. – 334+116=450
  3. Tayler Stiles – 330+105=435
  4. Ronald Costigan – 267+47+114=428
  5. Billy Zardo – 306+103=409
  6. Terry Wagner – 306+92=398
  7. Marshall Gabell – 299+92=391
  8. Christina Cordner – 274+103=377
  9. Justin Tucker – 249+118=367
  10. Robert Hill – 178+95=273
  11. Kreistina Blinova – 138+118=256
  12. Kyle Magda – 128+126=254
  13. Joni Stiles – 128+101=229
Name Race Participated Wins Top 5 Top 10
Marshall Gabell 5 0 1 6
Tayler Stiles 5 2 5 6
Ashley McCubbin 5 1 6 9
Ronald Costigan 4 1 5 6
Terry Wagner 4 0 2 6
Billy Zardo 4 1 3 5
Christina Cordner 4 1 3 6
Billy Stiles Jr. 4 0 5 7
Justin Tucker 3 1 4 4
Kreistina Blinova 2 1 1 3
Robert Hill 2 0 1 3
Kyle Magda 1 1 2 3
Joni Stiles 1 0 1 2


Note: Those who missed the first four weeks received an automatic value that is 10 points minus the lowest scored participant.

  1. Ashley McCubbin – 859+90+127=1076
  2. Ronald Costigan – 800+90+114=1004
  3. Tayler Stiles – 791+78+105=974
  4. Billy Stiles Jr. – 791+60+116=967
  5. Robert Hill – 763+86+95=944
  6. Billy Zardo – 769+60+103=932
  7. Terry Wagner – 768+65+92=925
  8. Justin Tucker – 713+90+118=921
  9. Kyle Magda – 688+84+126=898
  10. Kreistina Blinova – 698+78+118=894
  11. Christina Cordner – 791+65+103=894
  12. Marshall Gabell – 721+78+92=891
  13. Joni Stiles – 688+84+101=873
Name Race Participated Wins Top 5 Top 10
Marshall Gabell 10 1 8 17
Tayler Stiles 10 5 13 16
Ashley McCubbin 10 6 18 23
Ronald Costigan 8 5 13 15
Terry Wagner 8 1 8 14
Christina Cordner 8 1 8 11
Billy Zardo 7 2 8 11
Billy Stiles Jr. 8 1 9 15
Justin Tucker 6 2 9 10
Kriestina Blinova 4 1 3 6
Robert Hill 4 1 4 8
Kyle Magda 2 1 4 5
Joni Stiles 2 1 2 4

PICKERS: Due to the odd start this year with people joining at different times, we will declare a CHAMPION at the end of May – basically titled the Spring Fantasy Pick ‘Em Champion for each section and then reset the points to give everybody a clean slate to get after it.

Those placing picks for this weekend are asked to choose TWO TRUCK SERIES drivers for their race on Friday night, TWO DRIVERS FOR THE SPRINT SHOWDOWN on Friday night,THREE DRIVERS FOR THE ALL-STAR RACE on Saturday Night and THREE DRIVERS for the NATIONWIDE SERIES race at Iowa Speedway on Sunday.

All-Star Race Entry List:

Showdown Entry List:

Truck Series Entry List:

Nationwide Series Entry List:

If you would like to play, please send your picks to me at

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