Tracking the Short Tracks: Peterborough Speedway Competitor Kenny Ohno Jr.

Last year at Peterborough Speedway, Kenny Ohno Jr. put together a solid season, just missing the top 10 in points by seven points. With a new car for he new season, Ohno is hoping that this year turns out to be even more successful as he hopes to beat the best of the best in the division.

But first, as he was preparing for the new year, he tackled the 15 common questions that we’ve grown to love.


1. How’d you get started in racing? Well my dad raced thunder car from the late 90’s until ’06 and I always loved going to the track. I always use to steal his car and drive it up and down the street!

2. First racing memory? Hitting the wall my first time in a car, in practice, and never wanting to get into a race car again.

3. If you could be sponsored by any beverage, which would you want to be sponsored by? Gatorade!

4. Story behind your car number? Well it was my dad’s hockey number growing up, My mom had me when she was 29 and I was born on the 29th of December! It was also my dad’s number during his racing career.

5. If you have a nickname, what is it and why? If not, what do you think should be a good nickname? ‘’ Smoking Kenny Ohno Jr ‘’ Basically I got handed the name because of my dad! His first season of racing his car never stopped smoking!

6. If you could race against any NASCAR driver, who and why? Danica Patrick, because I’d likely win as long as I finish the race!

7. What’s your life like outside of racing? Hobbies? Fishing, Hockey.

8. If you were an animal, what animal would you be? A Monkey!

9. Favourite pizza topping? Pineapple!

10. Dream vacation spot? Bahamas!

11. If you were stuck on an island, what would you have to have? Food & water!

12. Favourite book? Reading is not my thing!

13. Favourite movie? Days of thunder!

14. Favourite piece of technology? Laptop!

15. Sponsors/people you’d like to thank. Definatly my dad and all his ‘’ buddies ‘’ that help out on the car and defiantly all my 2014 sponsors!

  • Petes Towing
  • Hastings Lions Club
  • Ultimate Live Bait And Tackle Hastings
  • Cottage Country Carpet And Duct Cleaning
  • Laneway Laundry
  • Campbellford
  • Powermax Motorsports
  • ATV Warehouse North Bay
  • Cablecan Inc.
  • General Compressors


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