Tuesday, September 21, 2021

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Jeff Hanley wins Lucie Alywin Memorial 52 at Sunset Speedway

Jeff Hanley would keep his string of Sunset Speedway success rolling as he scored the victory in the Lucie Alywin Memorial 52 at Sunset Speedway.

The night didn’t start off smoothly with Todd Campbell spinning in turn two on the first lap of the opening heat. Derrike Tiemersma would grab the win ahead of Dwayne Baker, Glenn Watson, Corey Jones, Jesse Kennedy and Campbell.

The second heat would go to Rob Poole as he makes his return to OSCAAR competition following a blown motor midway through last year. Shane Gowan finished second followed by Kevin Cornelius, Kelly Balson and Rudy Oppersma.

After struggling to figure out Sunset in his rookie year, Andrew Gresel won the third heat ahead of Jeff Hanley, Ethan Cournyea, Scott Field and Dave Doucette.

Jesse Kennedy won the fourth heat ahead of Baker, Tiemersma, Watson and Jones.

Rob Poole went 2-for-2 in the fifth heat ahead of Gowan, Balson and Cornelius.

Jeff Hanley won the final heat ahead of Gresel, Cournyea, Doucette and Field.

When it came time for the feature, Jesse Kennedy would start pole ahead of Shane Gowan, Brent McLean, Dwayne Baker, Jeff Hanley, Andrew Gresel, Rob Poole, Kelly Balson, Ethan Cournyea, Glenn Watson, Dave Doucette, Corey Jones, Todd Campbell, Kevin Cornelius, Scott Field and Rudy Oppersma.

Kennedy would jump out to the early lead ahead of Gowan, Tiemersma, Baker and Gresel. Though by lap three, Gowan was kicked out of the top five as he had been passed by Tiemersma, Baker, Hanley, Gresel and Poole. Tiemersma would get by Kennedy for the lead as the caution flew for Oppersma and Jones went around in turn four. Campbell brought his super late into the pits under caution and was done for the evening. With 48 laps to go, Tiemersma led Kennedy, Hanley, Baker, Gresel, Watson, Poole, Balson, Field, Cournyea, Oppesrma, Doucette, Cornelius and Gowan.

Tiemersma was able to hold on to the lead on the restart while Hanley got by Kennedy to move into second while Gresel and Baker rounded out the top five. The top five remained single-file and the same order till the second caution at lap 12 for Cournyea having a flat tire after contact with Balson. Cournyea would pull his super late behind the wall and be done for the night. With 41 laps to go, Tiemersma led Hanley, Kennedy, Gresel, Baker, Watson, Poole, Balson, Doucette, Field, Oppersma, Cournelius and Gowan.

On the restart, Hanley used the outside lane to his advantage as he grabbed the lead from Tiemersma while Gresel grabbed third from Kennedy as Watson got by Baker for fifth. That didn’t last long, though, as Baker would pass Watson back at lap 18. Baker then continued his charge to the front, passing Kennedy for fourth at lap 26. At lap 28, Scott Field brought his super late down pit road with mechanical issues but was unable to make it to his stall so the caution was waved so they could move his car as a safety measure. With 24 laps to go, Hanley led Tiemersma, Gresel, Baker, Kennedy, Watson, Poole, Doucette, Balson, Oppersma, Gowan and Field.

Hanley was able to escape on the restart while Baker moved into third with a pass on Gresel and Watson moved in to fifth with a pass on Kennedy. Doucette would bring his super late down pit road with problems at lap 44, but at the same time, the caution would fly for Poole going around in turn four by his lonesome. Doucette would make his repairs and return to the track without going a lap down. With 18 to go, Hanley led Tiemersma, Baker, Gresel, Watson, Kennedy, Cornelius, Balson, Doucette, Poole, Gowan and Oppersma.

The first attempt at a restart did not go smoothly as Watson would go around by himself in turn four.

The second attempt went better as Hanley escaped with the lead ahead of Tiemersma, Baker, Gresel, Kennedy, Cornelius, Balson, Poole, Watson and Doucette. At lap 39, Baker’scharge to the front continued with a pass on Tiemersma for second while Poole got by Balson for seventh. Watson then followed suit with a pass on Balson a lap later. Poole continued his rebound to the front, passing Cornelius for sixth at lap 44, with Watson following him through.

At the front of the field, Baker was able to track down Hanley and got underneath him a couple of times, however wasn’t able to make the pass. In the end, Jeff Hanley cruised to another Sunset Speedway victory ahead of Dwayne Baker, Derrike Tiemersma, Andrew Gresel, Jesse Kennedy, Glenn Watson, Rob Poole, Kevin Cornelius, Kelly Balson, Dave Doucette, Shane Gowan and Rudy Oppersma.

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