Sunday, September 26, 2021

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Gary Elliott Racing – May 17th – Race #3 – Streak at 690

We ran our 690th consecutive night on May 17th at Sunset Speedway.  There was a good crowd in spite of the very cold night.  Kind of disappointing that after a long hard winter, we are still experiencing a cool spring.  Hopefully that changes very soon.

The weather may have been cool, but the racing was hot.  Twenty five Late Models were on hand for our first regular night of racing.  We ran back to back 100 lappers the first two weeks of racing, tonight was our first 50 lap main event.

We had some bad luck in our heat race, unable to avoid the red #81 and black #13, who got tangled right in front of our Quaker State Impala. With the brakes locked up, unfortunately we could not get stopped and hit the #13, not hard, but hard enough to bust our radiator.  It was frustrating because we had been running strong so far this season.

The damaged radiator, with water leaking on the track, forced us to retire from this race, but once in the pits, the purchase of a new radiator and our hard working crew, were enough to get us ready for the main event, the 50 lap feature.

Prior to the start of the feature, the track promoters had 14 kids from the stand come on the track and take 14 of Frisbee’s.  We were asked if we would donate the Frisbee’s for the new invert format for the start of the 50 lap features.  Each Frisbee, the ones we will give away when we reach our 700th consecutive race night. Were numbered 1 to 14 and the youngsters stood beside cars holding the Frisbee’s but not knowing what number they had.  The Frisbee’s were numbered and autographed on the inside.  The young fans kept the souvenirs even though we are only at 690 consecutive race nights.  The track announcer was able to hype our pending milestone.  Our Quaker State team has become a fan favorite the past few seasons being involved with both the track promoters and race fans.

Quaker State has been with us throughout this milestone run.

Lauren had another great outing.  She has absolutely been on fire racing her car as though she has been doing it for years.  She runs in the fast lane with the faster cars and picked up another top 5 in her qualifying heat race.

It makes me feel very proud when I hear from Sunset Speedway staff and drivers in the senior classes, how amazed they are by her progress. She has surprised me by the way she charges into the turns and holds her lane.


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