Monday, September 20, 2021

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Jason Witty scores second straight feature victory at Sunset Speedway

Jason Witty kept the momentum going following last week’s victory as he would take the lead with five laps to go to score his second straight feature victory.

Tom Walters kicked off the night by winning the first heat ahead of Dwayne Baker, Billy Zardo, Joshua Stade, Jason Witty, Mat Box, Scott Beatty, Gary Elliott and Ernie Fumerton.

The second heat didn’t go smoothly as Chris Morrow would go around on lap six virtue of contact from Mike Bentley. Tyler Liscum would pick up the victory for his first heat victory of 2014 ahead of Junior Farnley, Taylor Holdaway, Nick Goetz, Kyle Passer, Morrow, Bentley, Jarrod Ranson and Paul Maltese. Maltese would pull off with a couple laps to go due to a rear-end issue.

The third heat didn’t go smoothly, either, as Bruce Rankin into issues on the opening lap with a flat tire. Jason Parker would take the victory ahead of Steven Wilson, Thayne Hallyburton, Dario Capirchio, Travis Hallyburton, Mark Gordon, Brittney Gresel and Lane Zardo.

When it came to the b-main, it’d be Witty picking up the victory ahead of Morrow, Box, Beatty, Bentley, Travis Hallyburton, Fumerton, Rankin, Passer, Gordon, Elliott, Gresel, Maltese and Ranson.

Walters would keep his positive mojo going, winning the ‘Dash for Cash’ ahead of Liscum, Baker, Parker, Farnley, Billy Zardo, Wilson, Holdaway, Goetz, Stade, Capirchio and Thayne Hallyburton.

Virtue of the random draw, Nick Goetz would get the pole in his No. 24 Lake Huron Rod & Gun, Mondo Car Wash, The Auto Spa, Shoreline Beacon, Kincardine News, The Ticket Line, Austin Graphics, Van Dolders Windows & Doors, TA Stewart & Son and Great Lakes Concrete Late Model ahead of Taylor Holdaway, Dario Capirchio, Dwayne Baker, Tyler Liscum, Tom Walters, Junior Farnley, Thayne Hallyburton, Jason Parker, Steven Wilson, Jason Witty, Billy Zardo, Mat Box, Chris Morrow, Scott Beatty, Mike Bentley, Travis Hallyburton, Ernie Fumerton, Bruce Rankin, Gary Elliott, Kyle Passer, Paul Maltese, Brittney Gresel, Joshua Stade, Jarrod Ranson and Mark Gordon.

Once the green flag was dropped, Taylor Holdaway quickly put his No. 41 Motorsports Designs, Castrol Motor Oil, Wix Filters,, Holdaway Automotive, Sunshine Super Wash Orillia, BG Products and Thor Motors Orillia Late Model in the lead ahead of Goetz. However, the green didn’t last long as the caution waved on lap two for Capirchio having a flat tire and sliding up the track, resulting in Thayne Hallyburton making contact with the outside wall and being done for the night. With 48 laps to go, Holdaway led Goetz, Baker, Walters, Liscum, Farnley, Parker, Wilson, Witty, Zardo, Box, Morrow and Bentley.

The first attempt at a restart brought forth the second yellow as Wilson spun in turn four, collecting Passer.

The second attempt went smoothly with Goetz grabbing the lead as Holdaway and Walters battled for second. Walters would clear Holdaway on lap five, bringing Baker with him. By lap seven, the top nine ran single-file with Goetz leading Walters, Baker, Holdaway, Liscum, Parker, Zardo, Morrow and Bentley while Witty and Farnley raced side-by-side for 10th. Witty would clear Farnley for the spot just before the caution flew for debris.

On the restart, it’d be a side-by-side battle for the lead between Goetz and Walters, with Walters getting the advantage in his No. 47 Pro Floors Mustang at lap 14 ahead of Goetz and Baker while Holdaway and Parker ran side-by-side for fourth. The field would continue to be two-wide throughout the pack till the caution at lap 17 for Liscum overheating. Rankin and Travis Hallyburton would slide in the water, spinning around in the grass. They’d both be able to continue. With 33 laps to go, Walters led Goetz, Baker, Holdaway, Parker, Morrow, Witty, Beatty, Bentley, Zardo, Farnley, Box, Fumerton, Travis Hallyburton, Stade, Maltese, Capirchio, Gresel, Passer, Ranson, Rankin, Elliott and Gordon.

The ensuing restart brought forth another battle for the lead with Walters getting the advantage at lap 20 ahead of Goetz, Baker, Morrow, Beatty, Holdaway and Witty. Witty would get alongside Witty at lap 23, passing him for sixth at lap 24. At the same time, Bentley would take his mustang own pit road and be done for the night with mechanical issues.

At the front of the field, Goetz tracked down Walters and got alongside of him at lap 27, though wasn’t able to clear as he fell back in line at lap 32. Behind Walters and Goetz, Morrow and Baker got side-by-side for third, with Baker holding Morrow off for the spot. Unfortunately, at lap 38, trouble would strike for Gary Elliott as he’d head down pit side with mechanical issues and be done for the night.

Meanwhile on track, Walters continued to lead ahead of Goetz at lap 39, followed by Baker, Morrow, Beatty, Witty and Holdaway while Parker and Zardo battled for eighth. The battle would turn into a three-wide battle at lap 40, with Holdaway able to hold the pair off and keep the spot. Up front, the battle continued for third and it’d turn ugly at lap 42 when Baker would go for a spin. Morrow would be deemed an involved car and be sent to the back for the restart. With eight laps to go, Walters led Goetz, Beatty, Witty, Holdaway, Zardo, Parker, Box, Farnley, Travis Hallyburton, Fumerton, Stade, Capirchio, Gresel, Baker, Morrow, Maltese, Passer, Rankin and Ranson.

On the restart, Walters would get the jump to keep the lead as Witty got alongside Goetz for second. Witty would clear Goetz for second with six laps to go, getting alongside Walters for the lead with five to go in turns one and two.

Coming off the corner, Jason Witty would clear Tom Walters and it’d be smooth sailing from there as Witty picked up the win behind the wheel of his No. 19 Matco Tools, Queensville SOD Farms, Carrott Express, LaRue Haulage and Speedy Auto Machine Late Model with Walters second. Behind them, chaos ensued though as Goetz got into Zardo while battling for third on back, resulting in the pair going around, along with others.

Scott Beatty would cross the line third, followed by Taylor Holdaway, Mat Box, Travis Hallyburton, Dwayne Baker, Dario Capirchio, Britney Gresel, Paul Maltese, Ernie Fumerton, Josh Stade, Jason Parker, Billy Zardo and Nick Goetz. Notably, Chris Morrow would fail to finish and required a tow off the track after coming down pit road with three laps to go.

Also, coming off a third place finish last weekend, Sean Cronan would not run as a result of a blown head gasket in practice.

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