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Weekend Wrap Up From Grand Bend Speedway/Raceway May 31-June 1

By Jared Doxtator @JARED_Announcer

(Grand Bend ON) Race fans were treated for two days of racing excitement at Grand Bend Speedway this weekend. Day one consisted of a full card on the ¼ mile tri-oval with many spectacular contests. Day two took place on the same property but on the varying track layouts of the Grand Bend Raceway Road Course.

Day 1

Feature Race winners
OK Tire Jr B –Kyle Steckly (24)
Tommy’s Motors Jr A Sprints (Rain out from May 17) Cooper Aubertin (38)
Tommy’s Motors Jr A Sprints (Regular Scheduled) Lucas Vieira (6)
Broadway Service JLM Hayden Sim (49)
Mike & Terri’s NoFrills JCAR Trucks Cole Pirie (10)
Auto Fusion Towing Legends Sean McPherson

The pst race Buzz in the pit area centred around the thrilling Tommy’s Motors Jr A Sprints second feature. Similar to the pack drafting at a NASCAR Super Speedway race, the teams with their big overhead wings punch a big hole in the air and is responsible for keeping the cars in a tight pack. On this night five drivers locked horns in a very tight battler. David Steckly (10), Matt Thompson (72), Cooper Aubertin(38), Ray Jannise (29) & Lucas Vieira (6) all jostled for position in the 25 lap affair. The drivers swapped positions multiple times throughout the race. Fans were especially impressed with the inspired drive of Matt Thompson, who drove what people are saying was his best race he has ever driven. At the end of the race all five drivers were a very tight pack as they crossed the line, with Lucas Vieira over taking the field with drafting help from Ray Jannise to win the race.


Day two – Road Coarse

Seven divisions of competitors assembled in the pits for the first ever full points event on the road couse. We have had invitational events in the past, but never part of the 2014 Championship schedule.

OK Tire Jr B (Jr) Sprints – Hailey McNicol (17) was quick out of the gate to win her first feature race. Lucas Orr, and Casey Edwards joined Hailey on the podium.

OK Tire Jr B (Sr) Sprints – Every driver in the field on this day took their turn as the leader of the race. There was a particular left hander that gave everyone trouble. Several drivers spun off course at that very corner. When the dust had settled, Jaxon Aubertin (18) took home the checkers.

Tommy’s Motors Jr A Sprints – Cooper Aubertin (38) was declared the winner when the only 2 cars that competed, got together and spun off course. Lucas Vieira received the worst it and the damage to the car was too great to continue.

Mike & Terri’s No Frills Trucks – Brody Rickwood (83) was very fast this day. Rickwood, who ran part time in 2013, made his first appearance this year, and made it count. Rickwood, the most experienced on the course itself ran a few times in a Junior Late Model a few years previous was very fast and had the truck to beat. Two scary events occurred in this race, Aaron Jackson (08) got out of shape in the long sweeping corner, caught a bad bounce and rolled his truck over. Jackson was able to continue as the damage to the truck was minimal. The other was Cooper Aubertin, (28) who had slight contact with Jackson in the final corner, spun off track and also rolled his Mini Truck. All drivers unhurt.

Auto Fusion Legends – Sean McPherson (13) started in the fifth spot and methodically worked his way to the front of the field. The inspired drive in this race was that of Brandon Thurlby (2) who got off track on the opening lap and fell well behind the field. The anger was worth a ½ a second per lap as he mowed down the field and finally reached 2nd spot behind McPherson but by then the lead McPherson had built up was much to great for Thurlby to make up and settled for 2nd place with anothr young driver Jacob Sheridan (52) finishing third.

London Drive Systems 4 Funs – Another contest with two very equally prepared race cars gave a a battle at the front of the field. Derek Moesker (51) was able to get to the lead with Ken McNicol Jr(17) in hot pursuit. Mike Harris (53) and Kyle Neumeister (92) also had a spirited battle of their own as they went toe to toe for the majority of the race.
At the end of the 15 lap event, Derek Moesker was able to hang on for the win, snapping the winning streak of Ken McNicol Jr. Mike Harris ended up 3rd.

Next racing event is Saturday night on the Bull Ring By the Beach Oval. All weekly divisions and the 4 Funs will return. Racing begins at 7:00pm Hope to see you all there.

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