Thursday, September 23, 2021

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Nick Clarke sweeps Pure Stock features at Full Throttle Motor Speedway

Coming off a pair of feature wins and a second last weekend, Nick Clarke kept the momentum going as he won both features on Friday night at Full Throttle Motor Speedway.

In the first feature, it’d be the 85 starting pole ahead of Clarke, Lyle Lorenz, Issac Mcmillan, Jake Shantz, the 88, Joey Schouten, John Green, Luke Bos and the 34t. Clarke would jump out to the early lead ahead of Lorenz on the opening lap, before the caution flew on lap two or Mcmillian going around on the backstretch. On the restart, Clarke would grab the lead again, this time ahead of Schouten as Bos and the 89 battled for third. Bos would clear the 89 at the halfway point at lap 10. The top four remained the same as the leaders got into lap traffic, with the only pass late in the race being Mcmillian passing Lorenz for fifth. Though before the flag fell, the 89 unfortunately pulled off with mechanical issues.

In the end, Clarke dominated for the win ahead of Schouten, Bos, Mcmillian, Lorenz, the 85, the 34t and the 88.

In the second feature, John Green would take the early lead ahead of Luke Bos as Joey Schouten and Jake Schantz ran side-by-side for third. Schouten would grab the advantage ahead of Schantz, followed by Nick Clarke and Llye Lorenz as the 77 and the 85 battled for seventh. The 77 would clear the 85 while the 88 and the 34t rounded out the field early in the feature. Clarke then began to make his charge, passing Schantz for fourth at lap four. He then picked his way through the top three, making his way to the front around halfway. Unfortunately, Schantz saw his day end early as he had to take his car behind the wall before the competition of the race.

Clarke would pick up the win ahead of Green, Bos, Schouten and the 85. Lorenz had a top-five run going, though would for the spin on the last lap.

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